Leather Cleaners & Conditioners

Leather Cleaners & Conditioners

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  1. Leather Care Kit
    Leather Care Kit

    Great value kit containing a massive 17 fl. oz. (500ml) leather cleaner & leather protector. Clea...


    Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, our Leather Care Kit combines our Leather Cleaner and Leather Protection Cream to clean, condition, and protect your leather while reinfusing the original leather aroma.

    Quickly and easily cleans leather with deeply embedded dirt, nourishes dried and faded leather, protects against stains and spills, meaning your leather lasts longer.

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  2. Leather Cleaner
    Leather Cleaner

    Deep cleans dirty leathers removing all dirt & grime with little effort.

    From $11.95

    Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, our ultimate all-purpose leather cleaning solution, provides safe, deep, effortless cleaning for all types of leather.

    • Awarded best leather cleaner
    • Suitable for all colors of leather
    • Safe to use - no solvents or abrasives
    • Clean all types of leather with ease
    • Turns to foam for easy cleaning 
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  3. Leather Protection Cream
    Leather Protection Cream

    Leather Protection Cream feeds, protects and re-instates the smell into old and new leather items...

    From $11.95

    With advanced barrier technology, our Leather Protection Cream feeds, conditions and protects leather while also restoring the luxurious leather aroma. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, it is suitable for all leather types and clors and will help repel liquid and ink stains, helping your leather look good for longer.

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3 Items


When it comes to leather care, there’s more to maintaining your leather than repairing holes, scuffs and scratches. The value of leather, and the lifespan of your leather products, is truly driven by the care that you dedicate to keeping your leather clean and conditioned: even if you can’t see the accumulation of dirt and grime on the material’s surface.

Just like germs on a door handle or desk, it’s often hard to see where dirt lives – particularly when it can fall into cracks and creases within our leather possessions. For the need to clean that your eyes can’t see, our Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Products are ready to save the day.


If you’ve browsed our site before, you might have noticed a common theme among all of our categories: we offer a product for pretty much any task, and any desired solution.

Our Leather Cleaning and Conditioning products were developed because we believe that true leather care means creating a customized solution for all types of leather – a solution for the individual vs one-size-fits-all. As you browse our online collection of products designed to clean and condition, here are a few featured products that were inspired by the power of innovation:

Leather Care Kit: a combination of leather cleaning and protection
Leather Protection Cream: protects and re-instates leather aroma
Leather Cleaner: removes deeply-engrained dirt and grime

In addition to our featured products, we are also proud to offer kits and solutions for leather handbag care, equestrian solutions including saddle and tack conditioners.


Partnering with Furniture Clinic provides many benefits: our products are cost-effective, deliver a surprisingly long shelf life, can be applied multiple times for multiple uses, and ship right to your door. While many of our customers are at first reluctant to shop online for leather care products, all of our customers find that the products we deliver give a personalized touch: almost like our team of experts and specialists are right there with you – restoring your leather so it looks brand new again.

Even if we’re not physically there when you’re ready to get the job done, we’re always a quick phone call away to answer your questions and provide our recommendations. Browse our online collection of Leather Cleaners and Conditioners today to breathe life and restore vibrancy into all of your leather products.