Leather Repair

Leather Repair

We have spent years developing a specialist range of leather repair products that allow the average person to make a professional looking leather repair at home. Our best-selling leather repair products include our Leather Repair Kit, designed for repairing tears, holes and scarcthes in leather, and our Leather Re-Coloring Balm, to repair faded leather.

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  1. Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit
    Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit

    A kit for repairing small tears, scuffs, scratches & to touch up color loss to all items of leather.

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    A Leather Repair Kit for repairing small tears, scuffs, scratches & to touch up color loss to all items of leather. You can match any color of leather by choosing the closet color and tinting. The repair kit also contains glue, filler, canvas patch, leather patch, mixing cup and utensils and easy-to-use instructions.

    • Pro products for an in-home leather repair
    • Repair all types of leather
    • Repair any color of leather
    • Long-lasting, hard-wearing leather repairs
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5 Items

Leather repair made easy

At Furniture Clinic, our mission has been to create specialist leather repair kits using the same great products we use to professionally repair leather, that even the most novice DIY’er can use.

We’ve made products to repair leather for 20 years now, so you know any leather repair made using Furniture Clinic products will be strong, long lasting, and look great. Our leather repair kits and products can be used to repair all types of leather from couches and car seats to clothing and purses.


Creating leather repair products isn’t for the faint-hearted. It involves a lot of trial and error, after all, leather – like all materials – is susceptible to damage and wear & tear. It’s easy to believe that buying new would make more sense, but at Furniture Clinic, we’re making it our mission to reverse the idea that leather can’t be repaired, and dispel the belief that buying new is always the best option.

When you work with leather day in and day out, as we do at Furniture Clinic, you begin to see the character in your leather products.

But that doesn’t mean your leather has to look aged, and we’ve developed a line of leather repair products that will keep your leather looking brand new, while still retaining its character without overspending your budget. These are our Leather Repair products.


For those who are looking for an all-in-one leather repair solution, you will want to check out our Leather Repair Kit. Designed to offer all of the tools that you need to get the job done right, our Leather Repair products are a favorite among our customers. 


We specialize in leather repair so you don’t have to. As soon as you order our leather repair products online, our team prepares your custom package that ships right to your front door. With easy application steps, all of our leather repair products are designed to make your job as quick and straightforward as possible.

Best of all, when you apply our leather repair products, you will get to experience our favorite part of working with leather – the moment when you realize that today was not the day to throw out your damaged item. Today is the day to appreciate the character of your leather and give it a second chance, so you can enjoy it tomorrow and for many years to come.

To start repairing your leather, buy one of our leather repair products online today!

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