Welcome to Furniture Clinic

In North East England, a dream was born...

The year was 2004, and the founders of Furniture Clinic were pushing the boundaries of innovation in the leather industry. Pioneered by Keith Staerck, an expert in the industry for over 20 years, Furniture Clinic opened its headquarters. The mission was to manufacture the best leather cleaning, repair and restoration products in the world. The steps to get there, well…that remained to be seen.

However, the path quickly became clear for Furniture Clinic, as our team efficiently tested, manufactured, and distributed products that proved to be both affordable and high-quality. By exploring new techniques and new solutions, we found our place among the most trusted brands in leather.

While Keith was the product expert, his son, Ben Staerck, was the digital expert who designed and produced the original form of the Furniture Clinic website, bringing the company’s exceptional products to a wider market. Ben’s vision and marketing expertise meant demand grew from different corners of the globe.

In 2012, Keith retired and passed the reins over to Ben whose first move was to bring on board former KPMG Consultant and finance industry-veteran, Craig Boyd, to help grow the brand internationally. The first order of business: The United States of America.

In 2013, our story continued in Long Island, New York, where Craig relocated to launch Furniture Clinic USA to meet the needs of our growing United States customer base. As we continued to expand internationally, our mission evolved as well. Today, we’ve evolved our expertise to be a leading manufacturer in leather, fabric, and wood products across a range of industries.

After 200,000 orders shipped in four years, and partnerships developed with companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Jet, we are driving innovation and earning our place at the forefront of the furniture cleaning and repair space here in the United States.

A Company Founded on Research and Development

Our growth-mindset and founder’s research-based background created an atmosphere of innovation that still exists today at Furniture Clinic. We regularly ask ourselves what existing products can be improved, and explore the conceptualization of products that do not yet exist.

Behind every good idea is a resource or tool to bring it to life, and at Furniture Clinic, we are fortunate to utilize state-of-the-art technology for our research and testing. All products offered on our website passed our extremely thorough testing process: a testing process that includes 3rd party test houses and review by our team of technicians.

Efficient Production and Manufacturing

Once our products are designed and tested, it’s time to move the product into production and manufacturing. Today, we are proud to own some of the finest, modern production facilities in the industry, including our main production facility located in the UK. When we tell our customers that we offer some of the quickest shipping options around, it’s because we have the production capabilities to produce, and deliver, our products at industry-leading rates.

Developing Top-Rated Products and Services

Pivotal to Furniture Clinic’s success is, and will always be, the quality of our products. Creating world-class products has been our mission since day one, and we have never wavered from our goal to prove that quality should always come first.

However, that’s not to say we don’t have other perks too – like competitive prices, fast shipping, and specials.

But at Furniture Clinic, it’s never been our goal to be known as the cheapest option, or the quickest option. Instead, we want you to think of us when you think of quality. We want you to feel confident that, no matter what product you purchase from us, you will be satisfied with the package that arrives on your front door and its success in solving your problem.

Delivering high-quality products to you, after all, is why our company was founded in the first place. And we look forward to delivering the best solutions and products for many, many years to come.

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