Wood Care Products

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  1. Teak Oil
    Teak Oil

    The best Wood Oil for wooden garden furniture.

    From $19.95

    Teak Oil is a blend of natural oils which penetrate the wood to protect and enhance the grain, leaving an attractive natural finish.

    • High quality teak oil to protect and restore indoor and outdoor wood
    • Recommended for all garden furniture
    • Replaces oils lost through weathering
    • Easy to use and fast drying - dries to an attractive natural matt finish
    • Helps to prevent drying, warping, splitting and deterioration
    • Suitable for use on all hard and exotic woods, in addition to teak
    • Provides UV protection
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  2. Beeswax Furniture Polish
    Beeswax Polish

    Beeswax feeds, protects and enhances the shine on all wooden surfaces, natural and finished.


    Beeswax furniture polish cleans, enhances and polishes all types of wood

    • Natural Beeswax formula feeds, enhances and protects all fine wooden surfaces.
    • Soft wax - easy to apply & more cost effective than aerosol and other alternatives.
    • Clear wax - doesn't alter the color of the surface it is applied too.
    • Produces a long lasting satin sheen.
    • High quality and long lasting beeswax furniture polish 
    • Provides an instant, long-lasting shine
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  3. Cutting Board Oil
    Cutting Board Oil

    Great value, highly effective food grade chopping board oil. Maintains, protects and restores cho...

    From $9.95
    Our Cutting Board Oil is a food grade mineral oil that is completely safe for use on everything from cutting boards, butcher blocks and countertops, to wooden kitchen utensils. Colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is quick and easy to apply and hydrates and seals to prevent cracking and drying. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, it will allow you to protect, restore and enhance the appearance of your favorite wooden items.
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  4. Boiled Linseed Oil
    Boiled Linseed Oil

    A beautiful oil to use with endless applications. Improved penetration, durability and drying time.

    From $9.95
    Superior quality oil that forms a hard-wearing finish and is suitable for all types of wood (except exterior oak). Also ideal for stone and terracotta, forming an attractive, subtle, glossy finish. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal and also Amazon's Choice for Boiled Linseed Oil.
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  5. Wood Cleaner
    Wood Cleaner

    The ultimate cleaner for all wooden surfaces.

    From $9.95

    Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, our ultimate all-purpose wood cleaning solution assists in the removal of grease, grime and polish build up as well as helping get rid of nicotine and smoke smells from all types of wood. 

    • Easy to apply Wood Cleaner
    • Safe to use - water-based formula
    • Great for modern and antique wood
    • Wood Cleaner backed by Good Housekeeping
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  6. Danish Oil
    Danish Oil

    A blend of natural oils & resins used to seal and finish all types of wood including teak, oak, m...

    From $14.95

    Danish Wood Oil is a unique blend of natural oils and resins that penetrate and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden surfaces.

    • Suitable for use on all types of wood
    • Easy to apply and dries quickly
    • Durable: water and stain resistant
    • Provides an attractive, natural, satin finish
    • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
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  7. Teak Cleaner
    Teak Cleaner

    Concentrated teak cleaning formula to restore old, dirty and greying teak.

    From $14.95

    A brilliant garden furniture cleaner used to clean and revive the colour of all exterior wood

    • Specialist cleaning formula for all items of teak
    • 500ml bottle provides 3 litres of cleaner when diluted
    • Removes mould, mildew and green staining
    • Reverses greying effects of weathering, restoring the natural colour
    • Water-based, safe to use formula
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Great for marine teak
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  8. Teak Brightener
    Teak Brightener

    A concentrated, professional strength brightener to restore and enhance the colour to all items o...

    From $14.95

    A concentrated, professional strength brightener to restore and enhance the colour to all items of grey and weathered teak.

    • Reverses effects of weathering, restoring the natural colour
    • Restores and enhances the natural wood grain and colour
    • A 500ml bottle makes 1 litre of Teak Brightener when diluted
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Great for marine teak and garden furniture
    • Prepares the wood for a more uniform absorption of oil
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15 Items


If you thought that Furniture Clinic only specialized in leather products, you might be surprised to find that our products specialized for wood care are some of the top-rated products we offer. Just like our leather and fabric products, our wood care products are carefully designed, thoroughly tested, and meticulously reviewed by our experts and customers prior to arriving for purchase on our website.

Designed to revive the appearance and quality of your wood products, and increase the longevity of your wood materials, our wood care collection is guaranteed to be the most effective solution available online.


Our Wood Care Products are categorized into two important types that feature distinct products and applications:

Wood Cleaners

Our Wood Cleaners are valued by our customers for their ability to restore beautiful shades of color that we find in newly-purchased wood materials. Wood, like all materials, is susceptible to losing the vibrancy of its natural color due to age and wear. Our Wood Cleaners effectively reverse the tell-tale signs of time. 

Featuring Our Wood Teak Cleaner, which cleans and helps to restore teak surfaces to their original appearance, and our Wood Cleaner, which is known as the ultimate wood cleaning solution, our Wood Cleaners come with our quality guarantee and an impressive shelf life.

Wood Oils & Waxes

Our Wood Oils and Waxes enhance the surface and finish of your wooden furniture. Providing a more unique solution to wood car, these products are a great fit for those looking to go the extra mile in maintaining the quality and appearance of wood.

This category features our Beeswax Polish, Boiled Linseed Oil, Cutting Board Oil, and the Wood Wax Care Kit – designed to clean and wax any type of wooden furniture.


With effective care, it’s easy to see a noticeable difference in not only the quality of our wood furniture, but the pride we feel in showing off our home to visitors, as well. There’s a reason that we’ve made it our mission at Furniture Clinic to provide you with the tools to get the job done: we want you to experience the pride that accompanies the process of restoring and renovating your favorite wood possessions.

To begin the process today, browse our Wood Care Products collection online. Our team is always a phone call away to answer any of your questions, and you are more than welcome to fill out a contact form for more information too.