Terms and Conditions


  1. All prices on the website are correct at the time of publication. Prices may be altered when appropriate and although we will do everything we can to ensure prices are up to date there may be errors from time to time. If we do discover an error we will contact you as soon as possible giving you the option to continue with the new price or cancel the order.

  2. No contract of sale will exist between yourself and Furniture Clinic until we have despatched the goods. You will receive an email notifying you that your goods have been despatched.

  3. You agree that email can be used for long distance communication.

  4. When you receive your email confirming despatch you should check that the order and the details listed are correct. A copy should also be printed or stored for your records.

  5. All online payments are processed by SagePay or Paypal. Furniture Clinic never have access to your card details or Paypal account. You agree to the use of third party transactions.

  6. When placing an order online you agree that the payment details provided are your own. The use of another person's card is prohibited without their consent.

  7. You agree that any review or testimonial you submit, including photographs, either via the website, email or post, can be published, royalty free, without your notification. You also acknowledge that these may be edited and removed where appropriate.

  8. You agree that Furniture Clinic is not responsible for any loss, or damages incurred as a result of publication of your reviews, testimonials or photographs.

Cancelling an Order

  1. You can cancel your order up to seven working days after receiving it.

  2. In order to cancel the order we require written notification of your intent to cancel no later than seven days after the item has been received. This can be in the form of a fax, email or letter.

  3. If you decide to cancel an order you must send the goods back along with clear information detailing who they were returned by. This information should include an order number, your name and contact details.

  4. When cancelling an order you are responsible for the delivery cost incurred to return the goods.

  5. In the event that a product does not do as stated a full refund will be offered. It will be Furniture Clinics decision whether the goods should be returned or not. If we ask for the goods to be returned we will cover the delivery costs.

  6. If a product does not work because it was used on the wrong type of leather it was designed for you will be liable for any delivery costs incurred from cancelling or returning the order.

  7. Products which are custom made, such as color matched products, may not be subject to a refund. It will be Furniture Clinic's decision to issue a refund and the value of any refund given.


  1. You have the right to cancel an order within seven days of receiving it. If, after this time you wish to return the goods for a refund you must inform us in writing.

  2. If you wish to return a product because you no longer desire the item you may be asked to cover the delivery costs associated with returning the item. The amount of the refund will be determined once Furniture Clinic is satisfied that the product is in good condition.

  3. If you are returning a product because it has failed to do as it claims we may ask for proof of this failure. It will be at the discretion of Furniture Clinic whether to request return of the goods. If we ask for the goods to be returned we will cover the postage. If you send a product back to us without our request you would be expected to cover the postage charges.

  4. If you find that a product is faulty or does not do as stated you have six months to let us know and we will issue a refund.


  1. Delivery times given on the website are a guide only. We cannot guarantee that your parcel will arrive within the estimated time period.

  2. If your parcel is taking longer than expected to arrive please let us know and we will look into the matter for you. We may request that you wait a little longer to allow for delays in the postal system.

  3. After a reasonable amount of time has passed and a parcel has still not arrived we may re-send the items, or cancel the order and issue a refund for the full amount of the order.

  4. We reserve the right to send replacement items using alternative delivery option to that specified when ordering. (ie. If couriers have had difficulty finding the address we may decide to send a replacement with the Royal Mail)

  5. If delivery has been attempted by the courier and a card is left requesting you contact them, please do so as soon as possible. Couriers only hold goods for a set length of time before returning them to us. If we find that this was returned because of your failure to contact the courier we may ask you to pay a re-delivery charge as well as a charge for having the items returned.

  6. If, after an item is returned, you are not willing to cover the cost of re-delivery we will refund the order minus the delivery cost and, if we see fit, minus the cost of a returns charge imposed by the courier.

  7. If no telephone number is provided when placing the order this makes it difficult for us or the courier to contact you in the event of a problem. If you do not provide a phone number no refund will be offered on the cost of express deliveries.

  8. If any of your products are damaged upon delivery please let us know and we can offer you a replacement. We may ask for proof of damage before issuing any replacements. This will usually be photographic evidence, but we may ask for the goods to be returned.

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