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A range of our best-selling products have earned the Good Housekeeping seal

Buy NowGood Housekeeping Seal

A range of our best-selling products have earned the Good Housekeeping seal

Buy NowGood Housekeeping Seal

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Trusted Care & Repair Specialists

We have spent over a decade developing the highest quality care and repair products on the market, covering leather, fabric and wood. Each and every product we sell, whether it be one of our specialist leather repair kits, leather dyes or our cleaners & conditioners, has been rigorously tested and used by professionals and the public alike. Thousands of customers clean, restore, repair and protect their leather products every month, our 5* rating is testament to the results they acheive and the service we provide.   

Whether you are repairing a leather couch, touching up a faded or worn car interior or removing a stain from leather, we have the perfect product for your needs. Dedicated to providing the highest levels of service, our expert team is also available for advice and guidance via email at [email protected] or telephone (866) 931-8095. If you are looking for specialist products for cleaning, repair or restoration of your leather, fabric or wood, you have come to the right place!   

Our Best Selling Products



Leather Care


While we apply the same high level of standards to every product on our site, our leather products are perhaps what we are best known for. At Furniture Clinic, we're proud to offer the finest selection of professional leather care products online. Our leather care product line features our Complete Leather Repair Kit that's designed to be a comprehensive solution for your leather needs, and customer favorites like the Leather Care Kit and Leather Colorant Kit.

As a trusted, professional leather care company, we have a variety of products available for purchase online and offer free shipping for orders over $25. All of our leather care products have been thoroughly tested and positively reviewed by customers just like you - we encourage you to check out our customers' feedback on trusted review sites like Amazon and Google Trusted Stores. Browse our selection of available leather care, repair and restoration products online today.

Fabric Care


Our fabric cleaning and care products offer a wide range of benefits and suit a variety of unique needs, but all come with the same, dependable Furniture Clinic quality guarantee. Our top-selling fabric cleaning and care products include: our selection of fabric cleaners and protectors, easy-to-apply stain removers, fabric cleaning applicators, and our colorful collection of fabric paints and dyes.

Our fabric care and repair products can be used for many applications, and our customers have had great success with our products ability to remove the toughest stains and spots in furniture, car and truck interiors, handbags, footwear, carpet and more.

Check out our full inventory of fabric care and cleaning products online today, or browse our resources for tips, tricks, and guides on how to properly care for your fabric materials.

Wood Care


We have worked hard to develop industry-leading wood cleaners, oils and waxes - all available for purchase online. Compatible with every wooden surface, our wood cleaners provide a cost-effective solution for restoring the original look of your wooden furniture.

If you're looking for an online product for waxing wood, Furniture Clinic has the perfect deal. Our all-in-one wood wax care kit is your one-stop solution, and this handy kit can manage the surfaces of any wooden furniture.

Rounding out our powerhouse collection of online wood care products, we also offer Beeswax Polish, Boiled Linseed Oil and Furniture Clinic's very own Wood Oil blend. To check out these products and more, browse our available wood care products online today!