Leather Re-Coloring Balm

Quickly and easily restore color to all absorbent leathers with our best-selling Leather Re-Coloring Balm. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, this product makes leather restoration easier than you could ever imagine.

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If you think about it, life and leather draw many parallels. One of these parallels can be seen in the way time progresses, and the affect that time has on not only us, but also our possessions. Let’s face it – as much as we would love for our leather products to look brand new for decades of use, wear and tear happens. Although we can’t change this leather (or life!) reality check, we can only hope to find ways to erase the aged appearance of leather that’s lived a longer life.

At Furniture Clinic, we’ve found a way to turn that hope into a reality, and it’s in the form of a product that can arrive on your doorstep in just a few days!

Our Leather Re-Coloring Balm is all about restoring the color of your leather possessions – both old, and new. If the color in your leather is beginning to fade, or has fallen victim to damage like cat scratches or sun exposure, our Leather Re-Coloring Balm provides a quick and efficient solution.


Versatility is a key element of all of our products at Furniture Clinic, and our Leather Re-Coloring Balm is no different. Here are just a few of this product’s many advantages:

  • 21 Colors Available for Selection

  • Safe-To-Use Product that Absorbs Completely Into Leather; Preventing Stains on Clothing

  • Works on All Types of Leather, Including: Furniture, Car Interiors and Clothing

  • Only One Application Necessary: Guaranteed Results for Up To Three Years


We know you’re excited to test out our Leather Re-Coloring Balm, and we’re excited to see the great results that it will bring to your leather products! Before you buy, we recommend that you test your leather by applying a tiny drop of water onto an undamaged section of your leather, and see if the water soaks in. If the leather isn’t absorbent, you will need a Leather Touch Up Kit (for small areas) or a Leather Colorant Kit (for larger areas). For scratches, the Re-Coloring Balm will only work if the scratch has gone to a lighter color than the leather. If the scratch is darker, you will need our Leather Touch Up Kit.

Our Leather Re-Coloring Balm will transform the color of your leather items, and breathe life back into worn or faded leather. As one of the top-rated leather recoloring products available online, the Leather Re-Coloring Balm is your perfect solution for restoring the beautiful color of newly purchased leather.

Leather Re-Coloring Balm is Suitable For

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Leather Car Seat or Interior Handbag Leather Shoes, Boots or Footwear Leather Jacket or Clothing

Leather Re-Coloring Balm can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers. It works on all colors of leather and all different grain types.

Suitable For Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Suitable For Pigmented Leather / Top Coat Leather
Suitable For Oil and Wax Pull Up Leather 
Suitable For Bi-cast Leather
Suitable For Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Leather Re-Coloring Balm Coverage and Shelf Life

250ml of Leather Re-Coloring Balm is enough to:

Completely restore color to a leather three piece suite!

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 3 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.

Step 1. 

Clean the leather first before applying the balm, for best results use our Leather Cleaner, which deep cleans the leather to remove all dirt, but also opens up the pores of the leather so the Leather Re-Coloring Balm will take to the leather in a better fashion.

Step 2.

Rub the Balm into the leather in a circular motion to ensure penetration. This is enough to completely restore the color. Take a clean cloth and then buff the surface of the leather. Make sure there is no excess balm left on the leather.

Step 3. 

After buffing, the leather becomes 100% colorfast. For thorough protection and longevity of your leather, we recommend applying the Leather Protection Cream, this will help to reduce future fading.


Leather half restored using Leather Balm

This cushion has been half restored using
 the Dark Brown Leather Re-Coloring Balm.

Customer results using Leather Balm

Below you can see the amazing results customers have achieved using our Leather Recolouring Balm at home and in the car.

Restored using Medium Brown Leather Balm

Restored using Dark Brown Leather Balm

Restored using Dark Brown Leather Balm

The below cushions show the Leather Balm at different stages. The first is without any applied, the middle is with one coat of Balm, and the last with two coats.

Restored using Medium Brown Leather Balm

Restored using Medium Brown Leather Balm

Restored using Medium Brown Leather Balm


Restored using Black Leather Balm

You can see in these photos that the Leather Balm has restored the colour to the cracked leather too.

Restored using Tan Leather Balm

Restored using Red Leather Balm

Restored using Black Leather Balm

Color Chart
    • BlackBlack
    • WhiteWhite
    • Dark BrownDark Brown
    • Medium BrownMedium Brown
    • TanTan
    • BeigeBeige
    • CamelCamel
    • Navy BlueNavy Blue
    • MaroonMaroon
    • RedRed
    • BordeauxBordeaux
    • Pine GreenPine Green
    • Dark GreyDark Grey
    • Light GreyLight Grey
    • IvoryIvory
    • CreamCream

NOTE: Each color as you can see is split into three shades, this is to indicate that each color balm works on those different shades of the color, i.e. from a light to dark shade. So the more balm you apply, the darker the leather becomes, this is why you are able to achieve varying shades of a color.

IMPORTANT: The colors shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.

Leather Balm FAQ

Q. Is the leather balm a leather restoration cream?

A. Yes, people often refer to the balm as a leather restoration cream; it has the consistency of a thick cream and when applied to leather it will restore the colour. 

Q. Can the Recolouring Balm be used on any type of leather?

A. Yes, however, the leather must be absorbent for it to work, or scratched to a lighter colour. You can test the leathers absorbency by dropping a small drop of water onto the surface of the leather and see if it soaks in or not. If it soaks in within five seconds and darkens the leather, then this is the ideal product for you. If the water does not absorb and beads up on the surface, we recommend using our Leather Colourant Kit or Leather Repair Paint.

The Recolouring Balm will work on non-absorbent leathers if the surface of the leather has been scuffed or scratched; showing a lighter colour beneath. Applying the Recolouring Balm will blend the damage in but will not repair it. For this, we recommend our Complete Leather Repair Kit.

Q. Will the Leather Balm come off onto my clothes?

A. No, the Balm is completely colour fast once dry and the leather has been buffed. You should buff the leather with a clean, dry cloth until there is no colour transfer showing on the cloth.

To add further protection, we recommend applying our Leather Protection Cream as this will help protect the leather and give further colour fastness. 

Q. I cannot see a colour which matches my item perfectly on the colour chart, what should I do?

A. It is not crucial that the colour matches the colour chart. Our Recolouring Balm is designed to cover multiple shades of any colour, and so will blend in as it is applied. The more Balm you apply the darker the colour will get.

The nature of most absorbent leathers is that there is not one specific colour to your item, therefore you do not require an exact match in colour.

Q. Do I need to clean my leather before applying the Recolouring Balm?

A. Yes, it is highly recommended to thoroughly clean your leather with our Leather Cleaner before applying the Recolouring Balm. Cleaning the leather first will remove any dirt and grime which may be blocking the pores of your leather; this will allow the Balm to soak in much easier bringing better results.

You can buy both the Recolouring Balm and Leather Cleaner in our Easy Leather Restoration Kit.

Q. I've applied the Balm and then Leather Protection Cream and the colour has come off, is this normal?

A. Yes, it is normal to see some colour transfer when applying our Leather Protection Cream after applying the Balm. You should wait 24 hours before applying the Protection Cream to limit this. It is also recommended to apply the Protection Cream lightly; this again will limit the colour transfer.

However, whilst you may see colour transfer onto the cloth, the leather will still look fully restored. The Protection Cream will only be removing excess Leather Balm on the leather's surface.

Q. Can the Balm be used to change the colour of leather, particularly from dark to light?

A. Unfortunately not. The Recolouring Balm is designed to restore the colour back to worn and faded leather.

If you would like to change the colour of your item, we recommend using our Leather Colourant Kit.

Q. Does the Leather Balm condition the leather?

A. Yes, as it soaks into the leather, the Balms natural properties will keep the leather soft and supple, which in turn will condition the leather to a certain degree. 

The main purpose of the Balm is to restore the colour though so, if you are looking to condition your leather, we recommend using our Leather Protection Cream, as this is one of its main purposes.

Q. Can I use the Leather Protection Cream with the Recolouring Balm?

A. Yes, we recommend applying our Leather Protection Cream after using the Balm. We recommend waiting 24 hours before applying the Leather Protection Cream.

Q. Can the Balm be used with filler when repairing cracks or rips?

A. No, for this you need our Leather Repair Kit.

The Balm can be used in conjunction with this kit to restore the colour to the other areas of leather though.

Q. Will the Leather Balm shine my leather?

A. If you buff with a cloth it may restore a slight shine. However, if you want your leather to shine, then you should use our Leather polish.