Leather Care Applicators

Leather Care Applicators

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  1. Microfibre Cloth
    Microfiber Cloth

    Premium, dual-purpose applicator cloth for leather.

    From $4.95

    High quality microfiber cloth, ideal for applying cleaning & protection products to your leather. Lint-free, soft and gentle, and maching-washable, these cloths are perfect for use when cleaning and protecting leather.

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  2. Leather Cleaning Brush
    Leather Cleaning Brush

    Specialist cleaning brush for leather, carpet and fabric.

    This unique brush makes cleaning...

    • Gentle way to clean deep down into leather's grain to release dirt easily
    • Absorbent bristles to help the cleaning process
    • Ideal for use with Leather Cleaner on difficult leather surfaces
    • Use to agitate fabrics, loosening clung on dirt
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  3. Lint Free Cloth (3 Pack)
    Lint Free Cloth (3 Pack)

    A great value 3-pack of high-quality, lint-free cloths, perfect for applying creams, oils and wax...

    • Three lint-free cloths
    • Ideal for polishing
    • 30cm x 30cm each
    • No loose fibres or threads
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  4. Applicator Sponges
    Applicator Sponges

    Great value 2 pack of our ultra soft terry towel applicator sponges.


    Pack of two Applicator Sponges made from non-abrasive material, ideal for applying a range of Furniture Clinic products. 100% washable meaning they can be cleaned and used again and again.

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4 Items


Many times, an effective leather care job requires more than the standard tools, more than the normal process, and more than the standard effort we allocate toward cleaning and caring for our leather items.

For the times when leather cleaning requires all hands-on deck – we have an online collection of tools that are always game to provide support and assistance. These tools are our Leather Care Product Applicators: the finest online selection of towels, clothes, sponges and brushes that have your back for all your leather care needs.


Leading the way in innovative leather applicators are four Furniture Clinic products: all top-rated by our customers, and designed to be innovative, long-lasting, and extremely cost-effective. 

Each of our applicators are designed to offer industry-leading coverage and an impressive shelf life, so one purchase will last you quite a long time. At Furniture Clinic, we value getting the most bang for your buck, and we also value getting the most clean for the cost: our Leather Care Applicators are a result of our mission to do both.

To clean leather in a way that you never knew was possible, check out each of our exceptional applicators online today, and sit back and relax while we ship your product right to your front door.

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