Guide to Leather Bag Maintenance

You finally bought that gorgeous leather bag, and you adore how soft it feels and how luxurious it looks on your arm. You'd love to have this bag forever, but you know you need to properly care for your leather handbag to extend its life. How can you do that? Use these six tips to maintain and protect your leather bag for a long time to come.

Remove Dry Dust Before You Clean

Regular cleaning will be a part of your maintenance routine, but before you tackle that, be sure to remove the dust from the bag. If you fail to do so, the dust may clump up when you get it wet. The cleaning process will also be more efficient when the bag is dust-free.

Always Use a Leather-Specific Cleaner

You may be tempted to wipe down your bag with water or a soapy solution, but you shouldn't use anything on your bag that is not specifically made for leather. The hide can break down, and the grain may suffer if you use something else. Instead, use an all-purpose leather cleaning solution designed to deep clean all types of leather safely.

Carry Wipes to Remove Small Stains

Preventative care means treating stains as soon as they happen. Carry some leather-friendly wipes in your bag so you can use them right away when you accidentally spill your coffee all over it.

Condition the Leather Regularly

Just as you use conditioner on your hair to keep it soft and snag-free, using conditioner on your bag can keep the leather in top condition. We recommend smoothing it on once a month.

Keep Your Bag Covered in the Rain

Water and leather don't mix. Whenever possible, avoid exposing your bag to rain, snow or other forms of precipitation.

Buy the Products You Need to Maintain Your Leather Bag

Now that you know how to care for a leather purse or satchel, you may want to buy some products to help you improve your leather bag quality or learn other DIY tips at our e-Learning Center. At Furniture Clinic, we have a wide selection of leather bag maintenance products to choose from, including our leather handbag care kits and cleaning wipes. You can get free shipping when you buy more than $25 worth.