Common Myths About Leather Furniture Debunked

Here's the truth about owning leather furniture - it's not so different from owning other furniture. While you may have heard a lot of myths about leather furniture and the many challenges you will face if you own it, the facts are it's a pretty low-maintenance, affordable and attractive option. Here are five of the most common myths and why they're untrue.

You Can't Have Leather Furniture If You Have Kids

Reality: Leather looks nice, which leads to the perception it's not for families with young children. Actually, leather is quite sturdy and springy, making it an ideal material in homes with youngsters. It's less likely to tear or stain than fabric.

Buying Leather Furniture Is Expensive

Reality: It's no more or less expensive than other types of furniture. In fact, its durability makes it an excellent long-term investment. It will hold up over the long haul, so it's a smart way to spend even if you have a large initial payment.

It's Hard to Maintain Leather Furniture

Reality: Leather is not hard to maintain, as long as you are diligent about it. You must clean and condition the leather regularly to avoid cracking, but that's no different from any other furniture, which requires vacuuming and spot-cleaning.

Leather Furniture Is Uncomfortable

Reality: Leather furniture offers the same comfort as any other style. You can add pillows and blankets to make it even cozier.

You Will Ruin Leather Furniture If It Gets Wet

Reality: Many people don't realize leather needs to be conditioned to stay supple and not crack. While you wouldn't want to dump a big pitcher of water on your leather couch, some leathers are non-absorbent with a protective coating on top. Others, such as aniline leather, have no protective coating and are therefore absorbent. Semi-aniline leather is semi-absorbent.

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