Benefits of Conditioning Leather Car Seats

If you have leather seats in your car, you should know about the importance of leather conditioning for cars. There are many reasons to clean auto leather seats, and it doesn't take long to do.


By taking proper care of the seats, you ensure they will last longer and continue to be comfortable. The average car is on the road for many years. You want it to continue to be functional and have all the parts hold up during that time. That's why you change the oil and get it serviced. Think of leather conditioning as service for your car seats. Here are three of the biggest benefits of leather conditioning for cars and why it's recommended by those in the auto industry.

  • Repels Water From Your Car Seats

Water and leather do not mix, but you know there will be spills in your car at some point. When you condition your car seats, you add an invisible barrier that will help repel water that drops on the seats. This protects your leather seats from water stains.

  • Keeps the Leather Healthy

A leather conditioner helps protect a seat from stains. It also won't dissolve stains, so the leather doesn't get degraded. Plus, it's tougher for dirt and debris to stick to well-conditioned leather seats. Those are two things that can decrease the life of leather.

  • Gives the Leather a Longer Life

Conditioning your car’s leather seats will help them stay safe from cracking and drying out. Unconditioned leather will lose its soft feel and suppleness over time — it can also grow brittle from sun exposure. It must be reconditioned to keep that high comfort level.


By conditioning your car seats, you can help them last longer and keep them in better condition. Use Furniture Clinic's top-rated Leather Protection Cream and other conditioning products to take the best care of the seats. You can get free shipping when you spend at least $25 on our products. Remember to also check out our e-Learning Center for more DIY tips.