How to Protect Leather Furniture

Leather furniture adds elegance and beauty to any home. It's an excellent choice for living rooms, home offices and studies. Once you get your new piece home, you'll need to learn how to care for and protect the leather furniture to extend its life. Try using these five tips to maintain your leather furniture and help it last longer.

Only Use Leather Cleaners on Your Furniture

You may think you can just use a bit of water or soap to dab a small stain. But using anything other than a specific leather product to clean can permanently damage your leather furniture. Water makes leather brittle, removing the natural oils that keep the material supple, causing the material to dry out and crack. Other non-leather cleansers could leave permanent stains on your couch.

Apply a Leather Protector

Often with leather, the best way to protect it is to be proactive. Applying a leather protector when you first get the furniture can help it resist stains and fading. Use our Leather Protection Cream to help repel oil and water-based stains from your furniture.

Wipe up Spills Fast

You're going to spill something on your leather furniture eventually - the key is to make sure the damage from the spill is minimal. Store leather cleaner and a towel nearby so you can blot up any spills as quickly as possible.

Keep Leather out of Direct Sun

Direct sunlight can fade your leather furniture, and extended exposure to light will cause it to dry out and crack. You should also avoid having leather furniture in high temperatures, which produces a similar effect.

Dust the Leather Regularly

Dust your furniture gently using a soft, white cloth. You can also vacuum along the bottom and in the crevices of the furniture to avoid dust build-up.


When you employ these tips, your leather will stay in good condition for a long time to come. At Furniture Clinic, we can provide you with the cleaning materials you need to keep your furniture looking like new. Purchase products such as our Leather Ultra Clean, and receive free shipping on your order when you spend at least $25. For more DIY tips and tricks for all your custom leather needs, visit our e-Learning Center and find out how you can restore and maintain your leather, so it looks brand new again.