Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit

A Leather Repair Kit for repairing small tears, scuffs, scratches & to touch up color loss to all items of leather. You can match any color of leather by choosing the closet color and tinting. The repair kit also contains glue, filler, canvas patch, leather patch, mixing cup and utensils and easy-to-use instructions.

  • Pro products for an in-home leather repair
  • Repair all types of leather
  • Repair any color of leather
  • Long-lasting, hard-wearing leather repairs
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About Leather Repair Kit

An easy-to-use Leather Repair Kit containing all the product and know-how required to make professional repairs to all types of leather.

Firstly, you use the filler and glue to repair any damage and then repair the color using the Leather Colorants.

With the Leather Repair Kit you can easily repair;

  • Scuffs & Scratches
  • Rips & Tears
  • Faded Leather
  • Burns & Holes
  • Loss of color
  • Splits & cuts
  • Cat Scratches


It doesn't matter what type of leather you have, or what color, this kit has been designed to be used on them all.

Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit is Suitable For

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Leather Car Seat or Interior Handbag Leather Shoes, Boots or Footwear Leather Jacket or Clothing

The Leather Repair Kit is suitable for use on leather items with small areas of damage of on furniture, car interiors, shoes, handbags and clothing.

Safe to use on leathers including;

Suitable For Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Suitable For Pigmented Leather
Suitable For Oil and Wax Pull Up Leather 
Suitable For Bi-cast Leather
Suitable For  Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather 

Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit Coverage and Shelf Life

The Leather Repair Kit can be used to repair small areas of damage to leather;

Scuffs/Scratches: About 4 inches of scratching

Fading/Color loss: An area no bigger than a tennis ball

Rip/Tear: About 3 inches long

Hole: Up to about roughly 2 inches in diameter 

If you have a large area of color loss, use a Leather Colorant Kit.

If you have a larger hole or tear, order the large kit

Items should be stored in a cool, dry place with the lids tightly fastened, they should not be stored at temperatures below 40ºF. Following these instructions the products in the kit will last for years without any decline in performance.


Leather Repair Kit Contents

Each kit contains the following;

  • Leather Prep Pad (to clean the area before repairing)
  • 5ml Leather Glue 
  • Repair Sub patch
  • 10ml Heavy Filler 
  • Heavy Filler Applicator
  • Sandpaper
  • 50ml Self-Seal Colorant (the color you chose when ordering)
  • 15ml Self-seal Tints (used to adjust the base color)
  • Sponge, stirrer and mixing cup
  • Instructions

Leather Repair Kit Instructions

Repairing leather is easier than you think!


Leather Repair Step 1 Leather Repair Step 2 Leather Repair Step 3  Leather Repair Step 4


Place the sub-patch behind the leather.


Glue the sub-patch securely into place.


Use the Heavy Filler to fill any gaps or holes.


Apply the color using the sponge.

Repairing the damage

This is the first step in making a repair and is easier than you think!

  1. Determine the size of the damage
  2. Prepare the area by cleaning the surface and trimming away any rough leather
  3. Put the sub-patch behind the leather
  4. Glue the sub-patch securely into place
  5. Use the Heavy Filler to fill any gaps/holes in the leather
  6. Apply the Heavy Filler in a few thin layers to make it smooth with the surface


Matching the color

Select the color that best matches your leather when you place your order. This will give you a kit with a pre-matched color that will be a close color to your leather. You can then mix in the tints that come in each kit to make it match perfectly.

- Beige

- Black

- Cream

- Dark Brown

- Grey (light to dark)

- Ivory

- Medium Brown (including Light Brown)

- Blue (light to dark)

- Green (light to dark)

- Red (light to dark)

- Tan

- White

Simply select the color that best matches your leather. You can then match all shades of this color with the kit from light to dark.

For example, the cream kit can be tinted to match every shade of cream and the kit will also come with tints to match different types of cream – you can add a little red to make the cream more rose/pink. Yellow will make it a brighter more yellowy cream and white will make it pale. Add black to darken it or turn it into beige.

Each kit comes with the right tints to match a huge spectrum of similar colors!

Leather Repair Kit Customer Results

Before After
Car Bolster Damage Before Car Bolster Damage After Repair

The leather on this car was very badly worn on the side, a large hole had developed and the leather was very badly scuffed. The damage was repaired using the Leather Repair Kit.


Before After
Leather Sofa Rip Repair - Before Leather Sofa Rip Repair - After

The top of this couch had a very large split in it, something which is easier to repair than it looks! The damage was repaired using the Leather Repair Kit and then the color was restored.


Before After
Leather Burn Hole Repair - Before Leather Burn Hole Repair - After

This leather couch suffered a cigarette burn that disfigured the leather and burned a hole through it. This is a common problem, but can be easily repaired with the right products. The leather has been repaired using the Leather Repair Kit.


Before After 
Leather Sofa Tear Repair - Before Leather Sofa Tear Repair - After

This 3 seater leather couch required a repair to a large tear to the back. Using the Leather Repair Kit, a sub patch in place and then fixed in place. The large gap in-between was filled with Heavy Filler, in thin layers, and then color applied with a sponge at first and then sprayed on. We used a leather colorant kit instead of the Leather Repair Kit this time because the damage was larger than the area covered by a tennis ball.


Before After
Chesterfield Restoration Before Chesterfield Restoration After

This Chesterfield arm chair, through general wear and tear, had started to suffer cracking and splitting to the leather. The damage was filled using the heavy filler included in the Leather Repair Kit. When sufficiently filled the color was then re-applied using a small antique finish kit (as chesterfields have both a base coat and a top coat of colorant).


Before After
leather Sofa Cut Repair - Before Leather Sofa Cut Repair - After

This leather couch had two cuts to the leather caused by a knife. Using the Leather Repair Kit the cuts were repaired and the color restored.

Leather Repair - FAQ

Q. Do I need to have training or experience to repair leather using this product?

A. No, the kit is designed to be very quick and easy to use for everyone, regardless of experience or technical ability. The instructions provided with the kit are detailed but easy to understand and follow, specifically laid out to allow members of the general public to easily match the color of their leather and apply the product.

Q. How do I match the color of my leather?

A. In the Leather Repair Kit, you get a main base color that is a general match to your item, i.e. dark brown or cream, and a number of tints that you can add to this in order to tweak the base color to get it to match your leather. Detailed guidance on how to do this is included provided with the kit.

Q. How long until I can use my leather after making a repair?

A. The leather will be touch dry within about 30 minutes. However, as a general rule, we advise that it is best not to use the item for 24 hours after a repair has been made. This gives time for the colorant to cure properly before being subject to stress.

Q. What is the difference between the Leather Colorant Kit and the Complete Leather Repair Kit?

A. The Complete Leather Repair Kit is specifically designed to repair then color smaller damage such as rips, tears, scratches, and scuffs.

The Leather Colorant Kit is designed to restore or change the colour of large areas, such as a full sofa or car interior.

Q. How does it compare to a leather repair cream?

A. A leather repair cream, such as our Leather Balm, is designed to restore the color to large areas of leather (i.e. a complete leather sofa). Whereas the Leather Repair Kit is designed to repair small areas of damage on leather. It is therefore completely different to a leather repair cream, but the two products can be used in conjunction with one another to repair leather. 

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