Applicator Sponges (1 pack of 2)

Pack of two Applicator Sponges made from non-abrasive material, ideal for applying a range of Furniture Clinic products. 100% washable meaning they can be cleaned and used again and again.

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Apply creams and balms to your leather with ease using our new Applicator Sponges. The superb absorbency and versatility provided by the combination of the internal sponge and terry towel surface create the perfect applicator for use with our Leather Re-Coloring Balm or Leather Protection Cream.

Key to the restoration and maintenance process is the thorough application of the product to the leather, while avoiding streaks and damaging the surface with abrasives. Our premium applicators are designed for presicely this purpose, with the shape and absorbency of the sponge and cloth working to hold the balm perfectly and avoid streaks. The ultra-soft surface avoids any of the scratching or abrasion you can get with other applicators.

Furniture Clinic Applicator Sponges are a must-have accessory when restoring the color to your leather.

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