Cutting Board Conditioner

A quality conditioner for all types of wooden cutting boards

  • Contains FDA compliant, food-grade mineral oil
  • Natural waxes to maintain and protect
  • Contains beeswax and carnauba wax
  • Food safe formula, hydrates and prevents drying
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About Cutting Board Conditioner

Our Cutting Board Conditioner - a time-proven formula of mineral oils and waxes - is the ideal solution for restoring and maintaining your chopping boards, butcher blocks and wooden countertops after cleaning.

Intended for use after applying our Cutting Board Oil, it works to seal in the oil, preventing drying and cracking, while the waxes fill cut marks to restore and create an even surface. This dual action is ideal for items that see heavy use, preserving the natural beauty of the wood while also extending its functional life compared to untreated boards and blocks.

Fully FDA compliant, odourless, colourless, and tasteless; our Cutting Board Conditioner is completely food-safe and can be used on any wooden food preparation surface. Enriched with vitamin E, the conditioner will also never turn rancid when applied and has a long shelf life. 

Upgrade to the Cutting Board Kit

Get everything you need to condition, oil and protect your chopping boards with the Cutting Board maintenance Kit.

Cutting Board Conditioner is Suitable For

Our Cutting Board Conditioner is perfect for use on all wood and bamboo, including:

  • Chopping boards
  • Butcher blocks
  • Countertops

Cutting Board Conditioner Coverage and Shelf Life

250ml will cover approximately 70sqft

500ml will cover approximately 140sqft

Once open, use within 5 years.

Cutting Board Conditioner Instructions

Effortlessly maintain your chopping boards, butcher blocks and other wooden surfaces in the kitchen using our Cutting Board Conditioner. It's easy to use, and provides instant results, just following these simple steps to get your cutting boards look great.

Clean the cutting board

Ensure the cutting board is clean and dry. Wash it with warmy soapy water and leave to dry, lying flat on a worktop.

If you are also using the Cutting Board Oil, this should have been applied and fully soaked in.

Applying the Cutting Board Conditioner

Apply the Cutting Board Conditioner to the surface of the wood with a clean cloth, following the direction of the grain. Ensure you spread the conditioner evenly over the surface.

Wait 20 minutes then wipe away any excess Conditioner from the cutting board, using the same cloth you used to apply the Conditioner.

Cutting board care

Re-apply the Cutting Board Conditioner once a month or as soon as the wood begins to appear or feel dry. The Conditioner will help keep your cutting boards in pristine condition.