Suede Brush

Cleaning brush for quickly and easily cleaning all items of suede

  • Brush out loose dirt from suede
  • Restore the suede nap
  • Cleans suede shoes, sofas, handbags, clothing and more
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About Suede Brush

The Suede Brush is brass wired with a wooden handle and is ideal for cleaning all items of suede. Simply brush over the article of suede to loosen and remove dirt trapped in the suede fibres.

Brushing in multiple directions can help restore the overall lustre and nap to suede.

The Suede Brush can also be used to restore suede where the fibres have become matted. Unlike rubber suede brushes, a brass suede brush can lift up the matted fibres, restoring the nap and making it feel and look more like suede again.


Suede Brush is Suitable For

The Suede Brush can be used on all items made from suede and faux suede. It can also be used on Alcantara and Nubuck too, but as these materials are softer and smoother than suede you should use the brush more gently. Get great results cleaning:

  • Suede Shoes
  • Suede Sofas
  • Suede Handbags
  • Suede Clothing
  • All other items made from suede

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