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At Furniture Clinic, we are a team of go-getters. We want to do it all when it comes to leather, fabric, and wood products. Our commitment to creating the best products in the industry has also helped us to expand the solutions that we are able to provide, and today, we are proud to offer Pre-Coats and Repairers to our lineup of top-rated solutions.

Our selection of Pre-Coats and Repairers is designed for professional use. In this collection, you will find only the toughest, strongest, and longest-lasting products. After all, professional application deserves an equally professional product.

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  1. Heavy Filler
    Heavy Filler

    Thick, paste based filler used for fixing scuffs & holes

    From $9.95

    Thick, paste-based leather filler used for fixing scuffs & holes. Extremely flexible and suitable for high use areas, the filler is sandable when dry before color can be applied.

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  2. Pro Leather Repair Kit
    Pro Leather Repair Kit

    The professionals choice for repairing leather.


    Great Saving!

    Kit price saves over £70 on individual product price!

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  3. Mini Leather Repair Kit
    Mini Leather Repair Kit

    A small kit box that contains the necessary products to fix minor damage caused with day to day h...


    A small kit box that contains the necessary products to fix minor damage caused with day to day handling of furniture such as scuffs, scratches, rips & burns.

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  4. Leather Glue PU
    Leather Glue PU

    Flexible glue that flexes with the leather for a long lasting repair.

    From $12.95

    An easy to use, strong and extremely flexible water based glue used for repairing leather.

    • Heat activated
    • Extremely strong
    • Extremely flexible
    • Safe to use: water-based
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  5. Leather Binder
    Leather Binder

    Thin liquid used to strengthen heavily worn & cracked leather.

    From $17.95
    • Soaks deep into fibres
    • Repairs minor scuffs
    • Extremely flexible
    • Helps restore heavy cracking
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  6. Leather Flexifil
    Leather Flexifil

    Extremely flexible filler used to fix heavy cracking.

    From $34.95

    An extremely flexible filler compound to help tackle and fix heavy cracking on your leather

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6 Items


Our online store at Furniture Clinic is built around our mission of providing comprehensive, custom options, and our Pre-Coats and Repairers are a great representation of that mission in action. Featuring diverse applications for all your professional leather needs, our selection includes:

Heavy filler – a thick, paste-based filler designed to fix holes and scuffs
Flexifil – our flexible filler to fix heavy cracking in leather
Leather Binder – a thin liquid-based product that strengthens cracked leather
Leather Revive – softens old and dried out leather and more!


High-quality products are central to our success at Furniture Clinic, and customer satisfaction is pivotal to our company’s mission. Innovating and manufacturing top-rated products mean nothing without convenient purchasing and shipping options, and that’s why we’ve made our online ordering process as quick and straightforward as possible.

If you have questions prior to placing an order, or would like to know more about any of the products available online, we encourage you to reach out to our team of experts. We’re always here to help.

For the finest in professional Leather Pre-Coats and Repairers, try the Furniture Clinic line today.

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