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  1. Leather Cleaner
    Leather Cleaner

    Deep cleans dirty leathers removing all dirt & grime with little effort.

    From $17.95

    Backed by the prestigous Good Housekeeping Seal, our ultimate all-purpose leather cleaning solution, provides safe, deep, effortless cleaning for all types of leather. Safe to use - containing no solvents or abrasives - it is also suitable for all colors of leather and turns to foam for easy cleaning. 

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  2. Leather Degreaser
    Leather Degreaser

    Specialist product used for degreasing leather.

    The Leather Degreaser will remove all grea...

    From $29.95

    An integral part of many leather restoration projects, removing grease and oil contamination from leather furniture, car seats and clothing. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, it removes grease marks caused by arms and hair, as well as from food spills or air freshener, as common examples.

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  3. Alcohol Cleaner
    Alcohol Cleaner

    The alcohol cleaner removes all surface grease, grime and other contaminants that could otherwise...

    From $19.95
    • Essential part of preparation
    • Removes grease and grime
    • Removes oils, waxes and silicones
    • Endorses adhesion
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  4. Leather Prep
    Leather Prep

    Strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufacturers finish from leather.

    From $12.95
    • Extremely efficient at removing the original coatings on leather
    • Removes any oils and waxes which may be present in the original finish
    • Essential part of the leather preparation process to ensure good adhesion
    • Can help to soften leather by removing old dried out coatings
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4 Items


When you’re home alone and spill something on your own leather coach, it’s almost too easy to cover it with a pillow or blanket and pretend it didn’t happen.

However, as a professional leather technician, covering up spills and stains simply doesn’t slide. Your customers depend on you to utilize top products for stain removal and leather cleaning.

When you have customers counting on you, you can depend on Furniture Clinic to provide the products that will get the job done.


While different ingredients make up each of our professional leather products, one ingredient is in every single one of them: quality. At Furniture Clinic, you never have to question whether a product will work as intended. In fact, all our products undergo stringent testing and must abide by industry regulations before they get their chance on the big stage.

So, each of the products on this page are up to the test, but which should you choose?

If you’re feeling ambitious, why not try them all and stock up for a rainy day? After all, we’re professionals just like you, and we know that in a professional setting it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected.


You can be the hero that saves the day when spills, stains, and more strike. You can be known as the person who has a solution when it’s needed most, and more importantly, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you planned ahead.

Partner with Furniture Clinic today for the best in professional leather cleaning and removal products. Your customers will thank you.

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