Professional Repair Kits

Professional Repair Kits

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  1. Pro Leather Cleaning Kit
    Pro Leather Cleaning Kit

    Designed to professionally clean, condition & protect all leather items.


    The Leather Cleaning Kit is an ideal starter kit to offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all articles of leather. With a bulk supply of Furniture Clinic's main cleaning chemicals, this kit is the perfect solution to all cleaning needs.

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  2. Leather Renovation Kit
    Leather Renovation Kit

    Designed to renovate old & worn out leather.


    The 'complete package' when it comes to cleaning, repairing & restoring leather.

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2 Items


At Furniture Clinic, we like to say that leather repair is a job that can sometimes require a professional touch. Whether that arrives in the form of a product or person, leather deserves a repair that will last.

As a professional in your own right, you understand that high-quality products and services aren't always easy to come by. And committing to the purchase of a new product is a pricey, and sometimes risky, endeavor. We want you to feel 100% confident in the quality of our products prior to purchasing, so let's review the features and benefits of our Professional Repair Kits.


At Furniture Clinic, every product begins in our extremely thorough testing process. In order to innovate the best products, we defer to you for your ideas on what would help you the most in your day-to-day. After all, we don't just create products at Furniture Clinic. We create solutions.

Each of our kits are designed for your custom needs, featuring special products and applications to get the job done right the first time. Our professional kit selection includes:


There's leather repair, and there's leather repair done right. At Furniture Clinic, we don't believe in temporary repairs or only repairing the part of the leather that you can see. We believe in repairs that will keep leather looking and feeling new for many years to come. We also believe in keeping customers happy by creating products that work time and time again.

Order today, and we'll ship our top–rated leather repair kits right to your front door.

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