Scuffs/Scratches on Non-Absorbent Leather - Large

Leather Repair and Recolouring Bundle

  • 500ml Leather Ultra Clean
  • Small Leather Colourant Kit
  • 500ml Leather Protection Cream

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This option is designed to repair scratches on non-absorbent leather, where the damaged area is larger than a tennis ball. 

To determine if your leather is absorbent or non-absorbent, drop a small amount of water on to an undamaged area and leave it for around 8-10 seconds. If the water soaks in to the leather it is classed as absorbent, if much of it remains on the surface, you have non-absorbent leather. If you find that you have absorbent leather, please refer to the relevant guide provided on this page. 

Note: As you are not restoring the entire item with the Colourant Kit, you should clean the whole surface of the leather and protect it with the Leather Ultra Clean and Protection Cream. This will ensure that any dirt or grime on the surface of the leather, that may make the colour deviate in appearance from the original, is removed. Doing this will produce a much better result from your repair, allowing it to blend with the surrounding leather seamlessly.

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