Leather Protection Cream

With advanced barrier technology, our Leather Protection Cream feeds, conditions and protects leather while also restoring the luxurious leather aroma. Backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, it is suitable for all leather types and clors and will help repel liquid and ink stains, helping your leather look good for longer.

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Our Product Designed to Condition, Protect, Nourish and Clean

Four different, yet equally important, uses might sound like a lot for one product to take on – it almost sounds like the product must be equipped to do it all. We’re proud to tell you that not only does this product do it all, but our Leather Protection Cream does it well – so well, in fact, that it is consistently on display as one Furniture Clinic’s top sellers, and top-rated products.

A water-based cream that graces your leather with a fresh aroma, our Leather Protection Cream features advanced barrier protection technology to help repel oil and water-based staining from your leather products.

What Do You Mean by “Advanced Barrier Protection Technology”?

 We’re so glad we asked! The “barrier” describes the makeup and core purpose of this product: a powerful foundation of innovative protection solutions that act as a gateway between the surface and interior of leather material. When you use the Leather Protection Cream on leather, its barrier will hold general dirt and soiling on the surface of the leather, providing a much easier surface for you to clean and care for.

This barrier also helps to stop dirt and grime from abrading the leather. So, as you regularly use your leather products or relax on that leather couch, the friction you cause will not wear the leather coating away - all thanks to the strong barrier implemented by the application of our Leather Protection Cream.

Why Be Reactive When You Can Instead Be Proactive?

There are many products available that are developed to repair or fix leather, but our Leather Protection Cream is unique because it prevents the issues from occurring in the first place. For those who like to plan and prepare, the Leather Protection Cream will provide a sense of security in the number of years you’ll get to enjoy you leather products.

In addition to its proactive purpose, our Leather Protection Cream will safely last up to 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard, with the lid tightly fastened. Only 8.5oz of our Leather Protection Cream is sufficient to fully protect a living room set 2 – 3 times, or completely protect a large car interior 4 – 5 times if you follow our recommended application schedule of once every three months for a year’s worth of continual protection.

When we buy a new leather item, its beautiful color and brand new aroma can make it easy to forget that leather is susceptible to normal wear and tear, scratches and scuffs, and a multitude of accidents that happen to even the best of our possessions. In our “Benefits of Protecting Leather” video, found in the “video” tab of this page, you can see the powerful impact of this product on wine, oil and coffee stains.

If you want to preserve that brand-new leather, or protect leather that’s not brand new but is still equally cherished, buy our Leather Protection Cream online today. We’ll ship it right to your front door.

Leather Protection Cream is Suitable For

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Leather Car Seat or Interior Handbag Leather Shoes, Boots or Footwear Leather Jacket or Clothing

Leather Protection Cream can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types.

Suitable For Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Suitable For Pigmented Leather / Top Coat Leather 
Suitable For Oil and Wax Pull Up Leather 
Suitable For Bi-cast Leather
Suitable For Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather 

Leather Protection Cream Coverage and Shelf Life

17 fl.oz. / 500ml of Leather Protection Cream is sufficient to:

Fully protect a three piece suite 4-5 times!

Fully protect a large car interior 9-10 times!

For year round, 100% protection, apply the product every 3 months.

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last five years if stored in a cool location with the cap closed.

Step 1. 

Shake the bottle well and apply to the leather with a soft cloth.

Step 2.

Rub sparingly into the leather in a circular motion.
Note: Applying a little will match the sheen of your leather; if you apply more it will enhance the shine on the leather.

Step 3.

Leave to dry and then buff over with a cloth. It is crucial to buff this product for best results.

Your leather will now be thoroughly protected. If you have Aniline or Pull Up style leather you should apply two coats of Leather Protection Cream for best results.

Watch below how our leather protector repels all kinds of stains from leather.


Key Advantages

Conditions: Containing a natural blend of oils and waxes the Leather Protection Cream feeds and nourishes your leather preventing it from drying out, cracking and fading.

Repels Stains: Added barrier protection technology allows the leather to repel oil and water-based stains, retaining them on the surface so the leather can be easily wiped clean.

Reduces Wear & Tear: When used, leather is abraded by clothing, which in the long term can cause cracking and peeling. The Leather Protection Cream absorbs the abrasions acting as a protective barrier between the leather and its contact.

Re-Instates Aroma: The Leather Protection Cream is infused with a luxurious leather aroma, which is transferred into your leather when applied.

NEW: Reduces Fading - With added UV inhibitors the protection cream now also helps prevent the sun from fading the leather when it is in direct contact


Proven Performance

Added barrier protection technology in the Leather  Protection Cream allows the leather to repel oil and water-based stains, retaining them on the surface so that the leather can be easily wiped clean. The images below show just how effective this barrier is in repelling water and oil-based spills.

The image on the right shows how the Leather Protection Cream has caused the liquid to bead up on the surface preventing it causing a stain, whereas the image on the left shows that the liquid has completely soaked into the leather, making a simple spill far more difficult to tackle.


Unprotected Leather Absorbed Stain Protected Leather Repelled Stain
Liquid without protection cream Liquid with protection cream

Not only that, but it makes the leather easier to clean in the future. How? Because it stops dirt from being absorbed or becoming ingrained in the leather allowing you to wipe it off easily.

Modern Leather - Why this product is ideal for it! - Most leather sold in shops and in all car interiors has a pigmented finish on it. This means that the leather is painted and then sealed with a lacquer. It is impossible to feed the leather because you cannot breach the surface and so the oils and waxes can't soak in. In these cases, it is not the leather that is drying out and cracking but the pigment on the surface.

So it is pointless using a leather conditioner on such leathers, you need a product that protects the finish. The leather protection cream adds a protective layer to the leather that will protect the finish from all wear, tear and heat.

Leather Protector FAQ

Q. Does the Leather Protection Cream feed leather?

A. Yes, it contains natural oils and waxes which soak in and feed leather. However, only a few types of leather actually need feeding. These are unfinished leathers such as aniline and pull-up. The rest of the leather on the market contains a finish and so cannot be and do not need to be fed. 

These leathers need their finish protected - this is what the Protection Cream does. 

Q. Will the Protection Cream damage my leather?

A. No, it contains no solvents, abrasives or any other chemicals that can cause damage to your leather. It has the exact opposite effect: it helps prevent the leather from being damaged. 

Q. Does the Leather Protection Cream prevent staining? 

A. It helps repel stains, both oil and water based. Common ones are dye transfer from clothes, and juice or tea / coffee spills. It will prevent dye from being transferred and it will retain other stains on the surface so they can be easily wiped off. 

Q. Will it make my leather slippery? 

A. No. It will never make the leather slippery. 

Q. Does the Protection Cream make leather shiny?

A. Once application will not, it will match the sheen your leather already has. If you want to make your leather shiny, just apply more coats and buff.

Q. I also have leather in my car, can it be used on that?

A. Yes, our Leather Protection Cream can be used on all articles of leather: furniture, car interiors, clothes. shoes, equine leather and many more. 

Q. My door cards are vinyl, can it be used on those?

A. Yes, it can be used on any imitation leather such as vinyl, plastic, and PU.

Q. I have a natural (absorbent) leather. Is it safe to use?

A. Yes, it is excellent on these types of leather. Two applications are necessary as the first will be totally absorbed by the leather. It will stop the leather from absorbing stains, which it otherwise would do. It also lubricates the leather fibres preventing them from abrading one another and so will help stop your leather from wearing. 

Q. Will it alter the appearance of the leather in anyway? 

A. No. It matches the leathers natural appearance. It will not darken the leather or make it shine. 

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