Keep Your Leather Car Interior Cool


The simplest way to prevent your seats from heating up is to block the rays from getting in. One way to achieve this is the installation of a windshield protector. These shades block harsh UV rays and keep the extreme heat from the sun from ruining your leather interior.

Your windshield sun protector is not limited to the summer months, you can use it year-round to guard your interior from dry rotting and cracking. Windshield sun protectors are a great line of defense from blocking the summer sun and keeping the heat off your seat.


Your classy leather seats are fun to show off but, sometimes it's best to hide them away for a cooler day. There is nothing worse than in a hurry during the summer and having to make the dreaded decision of waiting for your car to cool or enduring the burn from hot leather seats on your way to your destination. You can find the perfect set of seat covers to express your personality.

There are also classic options available if you want to enjoy the benefits of not sitting on hot leather during the summer and covers that match your car's interior. Rather than choosing to sit on hot leather all summer select your new favorite seat covers to enjoy summer drives the way they are meant to be.


Most of us opt for sunscreen on the hottest days, and fortunately, there's a similar form of sun protection for our car interiors. Leather conditioners are designed to seal the leather's surface from damaging UV rays, dirt particles, and oils.

During the summer your leather interior is especially susceptible to experiencing damage such as cracking or peeling. Using a leather conditioner on your car's interior during the summer will help maintain the smooth texture that you love for months to come.

During the summer months, we know how to keep ourselves safe and cool, drink enough water, stay under shade, and wear sunscreen. It is important to keep your car interior cool to keep it in top condition and for your comfort when you drive your car.

Following these tips and trying out some new products for your car will bring you relief from the summer heat and can also be a fun adventure when you are choosing seat cover designs. Taking a few preventive measures can bring you more enjoyment and relaxation.