How to Protect Your Wooden Table


It's truly a shame that the very moment we bring home a brand new wooden dining room table, dirt and grime immediately attack every inch of its surface.

Ok, maybe the attack isn't launched that quickly, but there will come a time when your wooden table meets its newest opponent. And this opponent knows how to play dirty.

Fortunately, as proud owners of beautiful wooden furniture, we get to take on a very special role: a role that we refer to as Protector of Wood Surfaces; Defender of Tables. With our title comes responsibility: it's our job to dutifully protect our wooden tables and chairs from any and all invaders. So let's tell dirt, stains and more to bring it on, because this post will have you fighting crime - and fighting grime - in no time at all.


As soon as you step foot in your front door, armed with your new wooden purchase, you should have a plan in place to protect the wood from imminent damage and normal wear-and-tear. After all, you bought it because you love how it looks today - undamaged, brand new, and featuring beautifully carved wood.

At Furniture Clinic, we want you to preserve the brand-new look and feel for as long as possible, so we recommend that you take the following steps as soon as you bring your new addition home:

  • Apply a Wood Protector

If you're going to skip any of these steps, don't skip this one! When we bring our new wooden table into our home, the bare wood surface is susceptible to all kinds of dirt and bacteria that complement any lively home. Therefore, our first step is to apply a high-quality wax that will seal and protect the surface.

For this step, make sure that you're using a product that's specifically designed for use on wooden surfaces, like our Beeswax Polish. As we recommend with all products, be sure to test in a small area before applying to the entire surface.

  • Create a Lasting Finish

When we've fulfilled our mission to protect, it's time to add a little shine to the surface. For this step, we'll want to apply a product like Boiled Linseed Oil: our product that forms a slightly glossy finish on wooden tables and chairs.

  • Revive Your Wooden Surface as Needed

With even the best protective measures in place, wood will still lose a little of its former glory over time due to normal wear and tear. At Furniture Clinic, we believe that regular maintenance is just as important as the steps we take initially to protect our material possessions.

Wood tables are a perfect example of that concept, as it's easy to see when a wooden surface has lost its shine.  Luckily, proper maintenance really only involves the use of a handy product like Wood Reviver. When gently applied, Wood Reviver restores the wood to its natural appearance.

Although you can alternatively use a wax or oil for step 3, the benefit of Wood Reviver is that only have to apply it when the wood actually needs it. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

  • Keep Your Wood Table Clean

Regular cleaning is an important part of protecting wood from unexpected damage, as well as preventing buildup of dirt, grime, and more. Specialized wood cleaners, like our Wood Cleaner, provide a deep cleaning tool to complement protective measures that target the surface.


Whether you just bought a new wooden table, or you're hoping to protect and restore an older one, it's never too late to be the wood industry superhero that you were born to be.

But if you're not in it to save the world, or even your wooden table, do it to enjoy the experience. After all, using our professional solutions will forever change your outlook on just how much power can be packed into a product. It will feel like you swapped your old table for a brand new one every time you apply our recommended steps.

But hey - don't take our word for it! You can try these steps by buying a Wood Protector and Reviver online today at Furniture Clinic. Don't forget to let us know when the results are in and your wooden table is restored to its original quality: we love a great before and after!