Guide to Wooden Table Maintenance

There are many ways to sustain a wooden table so it lasts for years to come. Whether you have a wooden table in your dining room, kitchen or living room, you must care for it properly to protect it over the long term. Use these five tips to maintain your wooden table.

Dust Once a Week

Dust seems harmless, but it can quickly build up, get into cracks and become difficult to remove. Use a lint-free soft cloth to remove dust weekly, if not more often. Do not use dusting spray during this regular cleaning - it often has silicone that can damage the table's finish. Instead, use a wood cleaner.

Turn on the Dehumidifier

Wood can warp or rot in high humidity. In the summer, when temperatures rise, you need to protect your wooden table by either turning on a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air or bumping up the air conditioning to counteract moisture.

Wax the Table Twice a Year

To keep the shine of an attractive wood finish, you need to wax it - but only do this twice a year. Waxing more often than needed will lead to a waxy buildup. For the best shine enhancement, use a natural beeswax specific for feeding and protecting wooden surfaces.

Try a Few Home Remedies

Did you know you can get rid of watermarks by rubbing mayonnaise on them? Or that you can cover up a scratch in the wood with a thin layer of peanut butter? Not every home remedy will work effectively on your table, of course, but if you are in a pinch, you can try some out. However, to properly care for and maintain your wooden tables use products designed specifically to improve their appearance and quality.

Store Table Leaves in the Same Room

The condition of your room will impact the wood, and you want your leaves to keep the same texture and finish as the table. Be sure to store them in the same room so they're exposed to the same conditions and age in a similar way.


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