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Furniture Clinic Remove It! Tea & Coffee Stain Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Easily remove tea stains & coffee stains with Remove It. It can also be used to remove discoloration caused by any other type of stain.

Remove It! Tea & Coffee Stain Remover

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For tea & coffee stains and any other discolouration caused by staining.

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About the product

  • Specifically formulated to break down and eliminate stubborn tea and coffee stains

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Suitable for use on all fabrics, including delicates such as wool and silk

  • Cost effective alternative to calling in a professional or replacing the stained item/carpet

The 'Remove It!' Tea & Coffee Stain Remover is a powerful reducing agent, used to remove tea & coffee stains on all fabrics, canvas or textiles.

A highly effective stain remover, specialising in the removal of tea & coffee stains, it will tackle the most stubborn areas, even in cases of discolored or faded stains where otherproducts have been used but have failed to remove 100% of the stain.

'Remove It!' Tea & Coffee Stain Remover is formulated to be non-aggressive to the fibre structure of fabrics it is used on, while remaining a powerful and fast acting stain remover.

For further information on which products are suitable for stains other than those caused by tea & coffee spills/marks, please refer our Fabric Stain Removal Chart.

Suitable For:

Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Car Seat or Interior Handbag Shoes, Boots or Footwear Jackets or Clothing

It is suitable for use on all fabrics and textiles, even delicates such as wool or silk, and is perfect for the removal of stains caused be tea or coffee on common items such as sofas, chairs & upholstery, carpets, clothing, handbags, footwear and car interiors.

 Tea & Coffee

Coverage & Shelf Life:

250ml Tea & Coffee Stain Remover should be sufficient to tackle approx. 15-25 typical tea & coffee stains.

This coverage may increase or decrease depending on the size and stubbornness of the stains being tackled.

If kept in a cool, dry place, with the lid tightly fastened, Tea & Coffee Stain Remover will last for years in terms of its effective, usable life.


Step 1.

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.  Check for dye stability, color change and texture change.

Dilute 10ml of powder with 100ml of cold water and spray onto the stain. Agitate with a Tampico Brush or Terry Towel and leave for 15 – 30 minutes to dwell.

Step 2.

Blot with a clean piece of terry towel dabbing from the outside of the stain to the centre. DO NOT RUB. Allow to dry. Repeat this procedure if the stain persists.

Step 3.

When removed, clean the area with the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter and then rinse with warm water to remove excess cleaning residues.


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