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Furniture Clinic Tampico Brush Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Specialist leather cleaning brush to deep clean into the grain of leather making it look cleaner more easily

Tampico Brush

High-quality carpet, fabric and leather cleaning brush. Agitates fibres to release ingrained dirt with ease.

Used to clean deep down into leather's grain to release dirt easily and for agitating fabrics to loosen clung on dirt.


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About the product

Tampico Brush: Our High-Quality Brush for Removing Ingrained Dirt

At Furniture Clinic, we’re committed to providing the best solutions in online leather cleaning products. Our cleaning products are top notch, but just like every superhero: they require an equally high-quality sidekick.

The Robin to the Batman of cleaning products is the Tampico Brush: a first-class carpet, fabric, and leather cleaning solution.

As a tool used to agitate and release deeply-ingrained dirt with ease, the Tampico Brush is always up to take on the direst of foes that lie beneath your leather’s surface. 

Cleaning Leather Has Never Been Easier

Because the Tampico Brush is so efficient, the role that you are forced to play in leather cleaning is kept a minimum.

This specialized brush can reach deeply into a leather's grain to lift dirt easily. The Tampico Brush is highly recommended for light colored leathers, where the dirt can become very deep-rooted and hard to remove.

An Effective Way to Clean Carpet and Upholstery

For cleaning carpets and upholstery, the Tampico Brush is an ideal complement to our Fabric Cleaner and Spotter: our product used to remove stubborn dirt, stains and grime from fabric.

This brush is able to be used for a variety of additional purposes and applications, allowing it to serve many functions and take on many roles: all for an extremely competitive price.

Our Tampico Brush is available online today, and it will ship right to your front door. For the finest, and most thorough, leather and fabric cleaning solution: buy the Tampico Brush and watch a modern-day superhero in action.


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Tatiana Takamura

you will not be disappointed

I have two white leather recliner armchairs that were kind of brownish due to years of usage and dust from construction sites nearby. I tried a couple of cleaning products on these armchairs, but to no avail. After a quick research on the web, Youtube, and after reading a couple of reviews, I decided to test my luck with Furniture Clinic since I was unaware of their existence here in Brazil. And to my delightful surprise, it worked!!! Never before have I thought that I would be so exhilarated about a cleaning product! I ordered the Leather Care Kit and the Tampico Brush. It definitely took longer than a week to arrive, but I think it was because of customs clearance. The only downside for ME is the price because when you convert Brazilian currency to Pounds, then this cleaning product costs an arm and a leg! Not only that, but I also had to pay extra for tax. Nevertheless, I highly recommend the Leather Care Kit and the Tampico brush. They did wonders to my brownish recliner armchairs!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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D Moreno

Great service and great products!!!

Great service and great products!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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