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Furniture Clinic Shoe Coloring Kit Leather Care Kit
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Product description: The Shoe Clinic Shoe Coloring Kit is a quick and easy method of changing or restoring the color to any item of footwear, whether leather, fabric or suede.

Shoe Coloring Kit

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Quick and easy solution for restoring color to footwear of any material.

Completely transform any item of leather or fabric footwear with one handy kit, everything you need to transform the color of old, faded shoes!



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About the product

Shoe Coloring Kit: An Easy Solution for Restoring Color to Footwear

Our shoes have one of the hardest jobs out there: we force them to trudge through rain, mud, and any combination of extreme elements so we don’t have to (well, at least directly!) At Furniture Clinic, we believe that our footwear deserves a little appreciation for their daily hard work, and we’ve developed a product that is a perfect ode to the sacrifice of our favorite footwear: our Shoe Coloring Kit.

Restores and Changes the Color of Footwear

The Shoe Coloring Kit is an incredibly easy to use product that effectively restores, changes, and transforms the color of old, faded shoes.

Simple to apply, the specially formulated coloring system can completely transform or restore the color to any item of footwear including suede, leather, fabric, satin, nubuck or canvas.

Giving fantastic depth of color and excellent coverage in one handy kit, our Shoe Coloring Kit brings the following results to your footwear:

  • Water Resistant: your shoes will thank you on the next rainy day

  • Durable; to Resist Cracking, Peeling and Chipping: enabling your shoes to perform exceptionally in the future

  • Completely Color Fast: available in a great range of colors, select from our color chart here.

Best of all, our Shoe Coloring Kit will last you up to five years, if kept in a cool, dry place with the lid securely fastened. Only one kit provides enough colorant to completely restore or change the color to any item of footwear: and all for the competitive price of $10.95.

To give your footwear the support it deserves, buy the Shoe Coloring Kit online today. Our online ordering process is super quick and easy, and we’ll ship your brand new kit right to your front door.

Suitable For:

The Shoe Coloring kit can be used to completely restore or change the color of footwear made from almost any material including:


Coverage & Shelf Life:

One kit provides enough colorant to:

Completely restore or change the color to any item of footwear

If kept in a cool, dry place, with the lid tightly fastened this product will last for up to 5 years.



Step 1. Preparation

  • Clean the shoes thoroughly with a good leather cleaner.

  • After cleaning take the small abrasive pad, soak it in water and rub down the entire surface of the leather. (Note: some of the color may be removed in this process, this is normal) pay particular attention to any creased or cracked areas.

  • On older shoes, there may be some rough or scuffed areas, simply sand these down with 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper until smooth.

  • Wipe down the leather with a damp cloth once this is done and leave to dry.

Step 2. Coloring

  • Shake the bottle of Shoe Colorant well.

  • Apply a small amount of colorant onto the sponge and rub directly onto the surface of the item using a circular motion.

  • Leave this to dry thoroughly (a hairdryer can be used to speed up this process), when this is dry, apply a second coat in the same way.

  • Apply a third coat by dabbing the color onto the item with the sponge, this will ensure the color is more uniform. If you are changing the color rather than restoring, additional coats may be required to achieve the desired color.

  • The leather can be sanded between coats for a smooth finish, though it is important to ensure each coat has completely dried before sanding.


Step 1. Preparation

  • Use the abrasive pad to gently rub over the entire surface of the suede/nubuck and clean the shoes thoroughly with a good suede cleaner, then rub down with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Allow the item to dry,

  • Gently rub the entire surface over again with the abrasive pad to raise the nap and wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust.

Step 2. Coloring

  • Dilute the Shoe Colorant, 1 part colorant to 1.5 parts water (e.g 50ml color to 75ml water) and mix thoroughly.

  • Apply the diluted color to the sponge and use this to rub it into the suede in a circular motion, covering the fibres from all directions.

  • Allow to dry, then brush the fibres with the abrasive pad to raise the nap. If required, apply a second coat in the same manner to create a more even finish and allow time to dry,

  • During the coloring process the nap of the sude/nubuck may become flattened. You can raise the nap again by brushing with the abrasive pad as before.


Step 1. Preparation

  • Shoe colorant is suitable for use on any absorbent fabric, test your fabric with water before use to verify its absorbency.

  • Throughly clean the item with a specialist fabric cleaner

  • Rub the fabric down with a damp cloth to remove any residue and leave to partially dry.

Step 2. Coloring

  • Dilute the Shoe Colorant, 1 part colorant to 1.5 parts water (e.g 50ml color to 75ml water) and mix thoroughly.

  • Apply the diluted color to the sponge and rub it into the fabric, covering the entire area.

  • Once the entire area is covered, leave it to dry.

  • Additional coats can be applied if required to give depth of color or a more even finish.

Color Chart

Standard Colors

Our standard color chart showcases the most popular color used for all types and styles of footwear.

blacklight greydark greycharcoalminksandnavydark blue
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Dark Blue
light blueslatedark brownlight brownclaytanlight tan 
Light Blue
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Tan

Designer Colors

Our designer range is a collection of colors used by popular design houses and brands.

springsunflowergolden charmrich orangerosered solemaroonblush
Golden Charm
Rich Orange
Red Sole
candylilacolivesky bluecobaltsteel  
Sky Blue
Regal Blue

Flourescent Colors

Our florescent colors are great for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

flash yellowelectric greenfuchsiadisco orangeneon blue   
Flash Yellow
Electric Green
Disco Orange
Neon Blue

Note: To achieve a bright florescent color the leather must be white. If it isn’t, you must first start by spraying over the original color with white. Spraying on top of white gives a brilliantly bright florescent color, applying fluorescents over any other base color will result in a duller and darker look.

Metallic Colors

The metallic range adds an aspect of luxury to any item of footwear


Note: We supply three metallic colors: Copper, Silver and Gold. Each must be sprayed lightly on top of a base color to achieve a suitable metallic effect. For example, if you spray gold on top of black you get a ‘green gold’ but if you spray it on top of a light brown you get a more typical gold gold’. So based on this you can actually achieve hundreds of shades of metallic colors using just these three.



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