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Furniture Clinic Saddle Soap Cleaner Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Powerful Cleaning for all equestrian leathers without drying or fading. Perfect for cleaning saddles, tack and any leather riding gear.

Saddle Soap Cleaner

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The first part of our unique two part saddle soap system. Formulated for use on all equestrian leathers. Provides effortless cleaning action to saddles & tack.

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About the product

Saddle Soap - Cleaner is formulated for use on all equestrian leathers including saddles, tack and other riding gear.

Used as a powerful stand alone cleaner or as one element of the Saddle Clinic two part Saddle Soap combination alongside Saddle Soap - Conditioner, it contains no solvents or abrasives, allowing it to clean leather safely without causing any damage, yet it is still capable of removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime.

As a general guide we recommend cleaning your saddles and tack at least four times per year and after times of heavy use to keep them in optimum condition.

Suitable For:

Saddle Soap Cleaner is specificaly formulated to tackle dirt and grime on all equestrian leathers including:


Coverage & Shelf Life:

500ml of Saddle Soap - Cleaner is enough to:

Clean any saddle many times over!

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.



Shake the bottle to mix together the various leather cleaning agents.

Step 2:

Spray onto a sponge and agitate to create a foam. Clean the leather in a circular motion to lift the dirt, grease & grime. A Tampico Brush can be used to reach dirt trapped in the grain.

Step 3:

As the leather is cleaned, the dirt will be absorbed by the foam created by the cleaner. Wipe this foam away using an absorbent cloth.

Step 4:

After cleaning the leather you need to condition/protect it. Use the Saddle Soap - Conditioner for best results.


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