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Furniture Clinic Saddle Clinic Leather Revive Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A natural oil based conditioner, formulated to soften leather saddles, tack and leather riding gear that have become hard, stiff, dried out or brittle. Penetrates deep into the leather, conditioning the fibres and returning them to their soft, supple, natural state.

Saddle Clinic Leather Revive

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Safe and effective conditioner for softening all equestrian leathers. Ideal for softening and restoration of old, hard and brittle saddles and tack.

  • Ideal for softening old, hard and brittle saddles & tack
  • Suitable for use on equestrian leathers of all types
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Extends the item's functional life


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About the product

  • Ideal for softening old, hard and brittle saddles & tack

  • Suitable for use on equestrian leathers of all types

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Extends the item's functional life

  • Cost effective alternative to purchasing replacement saddles etc.

Saddle Clinic Leather Revive is a water based oil emulsion that is formulated to revive and soften leather saddles and tack that have become hard, brittle and dried out.

When applied to the leather it penetrates the surface, coating each individual fibre with a balanced application of natural oil making the leather much softer, bringing new life to old riding gear.

Sometimes older items can crack after a colorant layer is applied during restoration; it doesn’t matter how flexible the colored coating is, if the leather beneath it cracks, the colored coating will follow suit, causing your job to fail.

By applying Saddle Clinic Leather Revive, you can soften the leather and prevent this cracking, adding greater longevity to the repair and greater comfort when the saddle or tack is used.

The product can be used independently, or it can be used during the restoration process to soften saddles and other equestrian leathers at the initial stage of the restoration or repair.

Suitable For:

Saddle Clinic Leather Revive is specificaly formulated for use on all equestrian leathers including:


Coverage & Shelf Life:

250ml Saddle Clinic Leather Revive is enough to:

Soften a saddle and associated tack multipe times over!

Please note; If the leather is very dried out a second application might be necessary.

This product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.


Step 1.

Apply a generous coating directly onto the leather and use your hands to massage it well into the surface. It is important to very thoroughly flex and scrunch the leather in order to work the Leather Revive down into all of the fibres.

Step 2.

Apply another generous coating to the leather with a cloth and cover in cling film. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight for best results. This coat will slowly penetrate the leather softening it further.

Step 3.

Take a damp cloth and thoroughly wash any excess conditioner off the surface of the leather. Buff with a dry cloth to ensure all residue is removed.

If the leather stills feel hard at this stage, keep repeating the above procedure but put extra effort into the massaging stage. The process used should be identical whether you are softening a saddle, leather tack or any other leather item.


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