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Furniture Clinic Saddle Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Easy to use and effective solution for recoloring worn or faded saddles & tack made from absorbent leather

Saddle Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm

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Specifically formulated to quickly and easily restore color to old, worn & faded leather saddles, tack & riding gear.

Restores the color easily, simply rub in with a soft cloth. The Balm soaks into the leather restoring its color and aspect, bringing new life to old and faded equestrian leathers.


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About the product

Saddle Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm renovates the color and aspect of all equestrain leather items, including saddles, tack and other riding gear.

It works great at re-coloring areas that have been exposed to sun light or direct heat, and is ideal for re-coloring dried out and faded areas. The balm completely absorbs into your leather so will not rub off onto your clothing.

Each balm color is designed to cover multiple shades, giving a deeper, darker color with each subsequent application. Where we do not have a standard color close enough to your item, we offer a quick and accurate color matching service, taking any sample and providing an exact color match for your balm. 

Over time, with use, the leather will fade again. But this can be reduced by using the Saddle Soap - Conditioner. The Balm is generally re-applied once every 2-3 years.

NOTE: For scratches, the Re-coloring Balm will only work if the scratch has gone to a lighter color than the leather and the area is absorbent.

NOTE: For lighter patches, the Re-coloring Balm will only work if it is able to soak into your leather – to test this, put a tiny drop of water onto the damaged area and see if it soaks in. If the leather isn’t absorbent the balm will not be suitable for restoring the color.

Suitable For:

Saddle Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm can be used on all equestrian leathers, providing they are absorbent. It works on all colors of leather and all different grain types.


Coverage & Shelf Life:

250ml of Saddle Clinic Re-Coloring Balm is enough to:

Completely restore color to any saddle several times over!

Maintain color of clothing and tack for several years! 

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.


Saddle Clinic Re-coloring Balm is  incredibly simple to use and can have a dramatic affect when restoring any equestrian leather item using the instructions below.

Before use, it is important to ensure that the surface being treated is absorbent. To do this, simply place a drop of water directly onto the leather and wait 10-15 seconds, if it sinks in then your leather is absorbent and the balm will be suitable. If it doesn't sink in, the balm will be unable to soak into the leather and it will not be suitable.

Step 1.

Whether you are treating saddles, tack or any other item of leather it is important to clean the leather first before applying the Balm, for best results use Saddle Soap - Cleaner. This cleans deep into the leather to remove all dirt, but also opens up the pores of the leather so the Re-Coloring Balm will penetrate the surface and coat the fibres more effectively.

Step 2.

Rub the Balm into the leather in a circular motion to ensure penetration. This is simple method is enough to completely restore the color. Take a clean cloth and then buff the surface of the leather. Make sure there is no excess Balm left on the leather. If a deeper color is required after first application, simply repeat this step until the desired color is achieved.

Step 3.

After buffing, the leather becomes 100% colorfast. For thorough protection and longevity of your leather, we recommend applying the Saddle Soap - Conditioner this will help to reduce future fading.


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