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Furniture Clinic Penetrating Solution Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Used to thin down the Fabricoat to help it penetrate into stubborn fabrics quicker.

Penetrating Solution

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Helps penetration of Fabricoat into stubborn fabrics.

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About the product

Penetrating Solution: A High-Quality Product for Your Fabric Needs

Sure, we’ve all heard the infomercials from companies that claim to own the strongest, most impactful products on the market. We’ve listened to the radio ads of brands that boast their prices or specials.

And while we offer those things too, at Furniture Clinic, we strive to gain your business on one important factor above all others: the quality of our products.

When customers return to us time and again to stock up on a product they loved, or to try out the newest products in our leather, fabric and wood lines, we know that we've done our job. And when it comes to our Penetrating Solution, our loyal customers offer a testament of the quality this product provides.

The Product that Helps Fabricoat Get to the Finish Line

This product is a perfect complement to Fabricoat, our fabric paint that is used to effectively restore or change the color of your fabrics.

Occasionally, finer pieces of fabric require a more delicate touch. If that’s the case for you, Penetrating Solution might just be your new favorite product.

Designed to thin Fabricoat, allowing the solution to gently soak into stubborn fibers, Penetrating Solution is the key to sustaining a beautiful, soft, and natural fabric finish.

Take a Softer Approach to Fabric Finish with Our Penetrating Solution

At Furniture Clinic, we do believe that seeing is believing, and that’s why we encourage you to test our Penetrating Solution and see the high-quality results in action.

If you’re already a fan of Fabricoat, then this might just be the piece you’ve been missing all along! And if you’re brand new to the world of Furniture Clinic, then you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to try the complete package – Fabricoat and Penetrating Solution – in one, successful go.

To get your Penetrating Solution today, buy online or contact our team of experts for more information. We’re also more than happy to answer any of your questions, because we want you to always feel confident before you buy.


Mix with Fabricoat and stir the mix thoroughly.  Penetrating Solution can be mixed in at any percentage depending upon what concentration of Fabricoat is required. We recommend 50% as standard, which provides a good level of increased penetration whilst maintaining color coverage. The mix can be thinned down further if required.


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