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Furniture Clinic Leather Paint Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Soft, flexible and extremely hard wearing product to paint on leather. Paint pictures and decorations on all leathers.

Leather Paint

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Perfect for artists and creatives, paint designs directly onto leather. Our Leather Paint is flexible, long lasting and has great coverage.

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About the product

Leather Paint: Artists’ and Creatives’ Perfect Partner

Flexible, long-lasting, and featuring exceptional coverage are three of the most important things we need to say about our Leather Paint.

This product is used to paint designs directly onto leather: and there are virtually no limitations to the way this product can be customized for you. That’s why our Leather Paint is a customer favorite: designs and visions are brought to life with a tool that’s there to support the creative ideas in all of us.

Completely Customizable for Your Individual Needs and Goals

We already listed three of the most exciting benefits about our Leather Paint, but let’s check out the full list of its customizable, dependable features:

  • It Has Excellent Coverage: the paint covers black leather in only one coat!

  • It’s Extremely Flexible: it will never crack, flake, or peel

  • It Can Spray and Paint On: it’s water-based – simply thin it with water and spray it on , if you prefer

  • It Features Any Color You Need: there are 72 standard colors to choose from, plus we’ll match any other color for you

  • It Features Any Design You Need, Too: the designs are all about your imagination, we just give you the tool to bring your imagination to life

Our Leather Paint is a thick, water-based Polyurethane paint. Polyurethane paints are the most flexible type of leather paint available, so it doesn't matter if you’re painting a shoe, jacket or even an item of furniture. Regardless of the type of leather you’re painting on, you can rest assured that our Leather Paint will bend and flex with every crease and fold in the leather.

The Leather Paint is primarily for producing creative designs on leather items. Should you wish to restore color, re-color or repair color loss or damage to leather you will need to use one of our other products: our Leather Touch Up Kit for areas smaller than the size of a tennis ball, or our Leather Colorant Kit for areas larger than the size of a tennis ball.


Buy Our Leather Paint Online Today for a Quality Paint that Will Last You for Years

Our Leather Paint will last for years if kept in a cool, dry place with the lid firmly attached.

The coverage this product provides is entirely dependent on the design being painted, as well as the size of the area it will cover. For these reasons, we provide two sizes, 1.5oz and 3.5oz. We have found the smaller of the two is sufficient for simple designs on most small-medium projects, and the larger of the two tends to be sufficient for most large sized projects.

Most importantly, the Leather Paint is the most customizable, and dependable, leather paint that you can buy online. Compatible with any leather, fabric, or canvas, the Leather Paint has been used by many of our customers to paint custom creative design, logos, and even detailed scenes or pictures.

Bring your imagination to life today with our top-rated Leather Paint, and we can’t wait to see the designs that you come up with!

Suitable For:

Leather Sofas, chairs, seats, or furniture

Leather Car Seats or interiors

HandbagLeather Shoes, boots or footwearLeather Jacket or clothing

Leather Paint can be used on any leather item including; Furniture & upholstery, shoes, sneakers & all other footwear, handbags, car interiors, motorbike leathers, clothing and any other item made from leather!

The paint has excellent coverage, white will cover black in one application! Use it for;

  Any item of leather, fabric or canvas
  Painting custom creative designs or logos
  You can even paint detailed scenes and pictures

Coverage & Shelf Life:

Leather paint will last for years if kept in a cool, dry place with the lid firmly attached. Do not allow this product to freeze. Leather paint will dry out if left with the lid unfastened for long periods.

The coverage this product provides is entirely dependant on the design being painted and the size of the area it will cover, typically designs are made up of more than one color also. For these reasons we provide 2 sizes, 50ml and 100ml, we have found the smaller of the two is sufficient for simple designs on most small-medium projects and the larger of the two tends to be sufficient for most large sized projects.

Customer Designs


Flower pattern painted onto a black leather handbag.


This submission shows real skill and creativity, using our full set of 16 paints, our customer took this brown leather bag and applied a fantastic viking design, making it truly unique!


This Porsche car seat has an embossed Porsche logo, but no colour! So we carefully painted the logo in.


Guns n Roses painted on the back of a leather jacket, using our full range of 16 leather paint colours. Sometimes plain black leather just isn't enough! Amazing work!


One customer used our range of 16 leather paints to create a great custom piece for this black leather jacket.


Step 1.

Wipe the leather down first with the Leather Prep. This will remove any grease, wax or silicone on the leather preparing it properly for painting. It will also dull the finish. This step is not necessary if you are painting fabric or canvas.

Step 2.

Paint your design onto the leather using anyone of our colors. The product can be applied by sponge, airbrush or paintbrush.

Step 3.

Seal it in afterwards with the Leather Finish to prevent it from scuffing or scratching off.

Example Series

Leather Paint 1

Red leather car seat

Leather Paint 2

The leather is marked up ready for painting.

Leather Paint 3

Painting the leather

Leather Paint 4

Iron Man painted onto a car seat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leather Paint suitable for any leather surface?

Yes, leather paint has been formulated for use on all leather surfaces, ideal for creating a design on furniture, car seats & upholstery or clothing, Leather Paint is specifically designed to be used on them all.

I want to recolour my item, can i use Leather Paint to do this?

No this is not advised, Leather Paint is used for painting creative designs on to leather items, not for re-colouring them, restoring colour or repairing damage. This requires separate processes, equipment and products. For repair or restoration projects please see our Leather Repair Kit, Leather Repair Touch Up Kit and Our Leather Colourant Kit

Can I use Leather Paint to cover small repairs or scratches on my leather item?

No, as with re-colouring and restoring colour, this is not what leather paint is designed to do and it will not give you the results you require if used for this purpose. For repairing small areas of damage or colour loss please see our Leather Touch Up Kit, this should have everything you need.

How do i apply the Leather Paint to my item?

Leather Paint can be applied to any leather item using a sponge, paintbrush or airbrush, it just depends on what you would prefer and what works best for your design.

I need a lot of colours for my design, can you provide them all?

Absolutely, for the creative amongst us we can provide a set of 16 base colours, that when mixed and match will cover every colour in the spectrum, allowing you to create any colour you could possibly need. Alternatively we have a range of 72 standard colours that can be picked from our Standard Colour Chart, or you can send us a sample (or group of samples) that we can match for you. Just pick any of these options via the bottom of the main Leather Paint product page.

Is Leather Paint safe to use on seats or clothing?

Yes, our Leather Paint is a water based product and is therefore entirely safe to use on all leather surfaces, including those you will use regularly. Due to its natural flexibility, the paint will also move with the leather once applied, preventing problems such as cracking, flaking or peeling.

Color Chart

Color Range: We supply you with 16 base colors, which can be mixed together to achieve any color of leather you need. Instructions are available to teach you how to mix and adjust common colors and our color matching department can be contacted by phone or e-mail for additional support. Also available is Matting Agent that you can use to adjust the gloss level of the Paint.

Black HCBlack HC
Blue LCBlue LC
Yellow LCYellow LC
Red LCRed LC
Yellow HCYellow HC
Blue HCBlue HC
Yellow OxideYellow Oxide
Red HCRed HC
Black LCBlack LC
Red OxideRed Oxide

Color Charts: We also have an additional color chart, listed below, with 72 colors on it. You can also order the Leather Paint in anyone of these colors.

Color Matching: If you can't find the color you want, send something that represents that color into us and we'll match it exactly for you.

Extended Color Chart:


Clay (B01)

Beige (B02)

Tanned Beige (B03)

Dark Beige (B04)


Pale Blue (BL01)

Baby Blue (BL02)

Tahiti Blue (BL03)

Turquoise (BL04)

Sea Blue (BL05)

Blue (BL06)

Royal Blue (BL07)

Navy Blue (BL08)

Bright Colors

Lime Green (GRN09)

Orange (ORN01)

Pink (P01)

Fuchsia (P02)

Purple (PUR01)

Yellow (YEL01)


Light Brown (BR01)

Light Tan (BR02)

London Tan (BR03)

Medium Brown (BR04)

Rosewood (BR05)

Chocolate (BR06)

Dark Brown (BR07)

Dk Dk Brown (BR08)

Creams, Ivory & Light Colors

Ivory (CR01)

Light Cream (CR02)

Rose Cream (CR03)

Peach Cream (CR04)

Canvas (CR05)

Sheepskin (CR06)

Cashew (CR07)

Stone (CR08)

Seashell (CR09)

Sand (CR10)

Buttermilk (CR11)

Cream (CR12)

Golden Cream (CR13)

Desert (CR14)

Biscuit (CR15)

Mustard (CR16)


Pale Green (GRN01)

Bright Green (GRN02)

Jade (GRN03)

Mint (GRN04)

Mid Green (GRN05)

Moss (GRN06)

Dark Green (GRN07)

Forest Green (GRN08)


Pale Grey (GRY01)

Light Grey (GRY02)

Steel (GRY03)

Smoke (GRY04)

Grey (GRY05)

Slate (GRY06)

Granite (GRY07)

Dark Grey (GRY08)


Salmon (R01)

Rose Beige (R02)

Rose (R03)

Bright Red (R04)

Red (R05)

Deep Red (R06)

Maroon (R07)

Dark Red (R08)

Grape (R09)

Bordeaux (R10)

Dark Burgundy (R11)

Deep Purple (R12)

Standard Colors

Black (BLK01)

White (WH01)


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