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The Finest Leather Care, Cleaning and Restoration Products Available Online

At Furniture Clinic, we believe leather is more than a product – it’s a way of life. In fact, leather has been a treasured material dating back to the Roman Empire: when it was crafted into sails for naval fleets.

Although we know you’re probably not here to fix sails, we do have custom leather solutions for all of your modern needs: including furniture, car interiors, handbags, footwear, equestrian needs and more. Beyond the wide variety of application, we also feature a large selection of products designed for custom needs and every leather product issue. Let’s explore our top-rated leather product categories!

From Cleaners and Conditioners, to Stain Removers and Our Leather Repair Kits – We Have it All!

When we think of leather care products, we tend to think of a generic item that you quickly pick up at a local store – hoping that it will work for the issue you’re trying to solve.

At Furniture Clinic, our extensive number of leather products are designed to be as custom as possible: ensuring that every leather care problem has an individualized solution to guarantee the best results. We currently have products available online in the following categories:

Leather Cleaners and Conditioners

Leather Ink and Stain Removers 

Leather Dyes and Restoration Products 

Leather Repair Kits

Suede Care Kits

Leather Aroma Products

Leather Care Applicators

Leather Care Has Never Been More Affordable

All too often, we’re faced with options that not only drain our wallets, but drain our time.

At Furniture Clinic, our leather care products are an affordable, cost-effective solution. Designed to last longer than nearly every other product on the market, and available for shipment right to your front door, our brand is top-rated by our customers for ease-of-use and our quality guarantee.

Browse our online selection of leather care, conditioning and repair products online today, and enjoy our diverse solutions for leather care that save you time and money.

color charts

We have color charts for car makes in addition to our own colors to match all leather and fabric.

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Helpful instructional videos showing you how to use our products to clean, repair and restore leather.

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