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Furniture Clinic Leather Binder Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Thin liquid filler used for fixing minor scuffs on a leather surface. Is also ideal for creating a strong base when repairing heavily cracked leather.

Leather Binder

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Thin liquid used to strengthen heavily worn & cracked leather

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About the product

Leather Binder: Repairs and Strengthens Worn and Cracked Leather

 When we make repairs – whether it’s a repair to a faucet leak, a watch, or even a relationship – we hope that it will last. There’s something simply draining about making the same type of repair over and over again.

Our Leather Binder has a clear purpose: inspire confidence in this product’s ability to make a repair that will last.

The Two Main Uses of Our Leather Binder

The Leather Binder is a thin liquid that can be used to strengthen leather where the surface has broken, causing the leather to crack and become brittle. The binder soaks into the leather fibers and carefully holds them tightly together, effectively creating a much stronger leather structure.

This structure greatly improves the tensile strength of the leather, which makes repairing leather easier and gives better end results.

But hey – don’t take our word for it! Let’s check out the results. Our team of experts at Furniture Clinic tested the Leather Binder on a split hide that could easily be torn by hand. When we coated it with the leather binder, we were unable to tear the leather afterwards. We encourage our customers to research our reviews for additional insights on how others have found success with this product – and all other Furniture Clinic products, too.

Our Leather Binder can be applied to resolve these two common uses and applications:

  • Heavily cracked leather prior to using Flexifil to strengthen the surface and aid repairs

  • Small imperfections in the leather, such as scuff and scratches

What is Flexifil ? Flexifil is our product designed to fill heavy cracks in leather. With the combination of Leather Binder and Flexifil, cracks in leather are not only repaired, but protected from future heavy cracking.

Buy Our Leather Binder Today for A Long-Term Repair Solution

Our Leather Binder comes in four custom sizes: 8.5 oz, 17 oz, 34 oz., and 1.32 gallons. For additional information or questions on the size that’s the best fit for your custom needs, we encourage you to give our team a call at any time or fill out our online contact form here.

If you’re not a fan of making the same types of repairs again and again, you might just be a fan of our Leather Binder. Try it out today by ordering through our quick online checkout process, and the Leather Binder will ship right to your home.


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