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Furniture Clinic Leather Aroma Gel Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A blend of natural fragrances, creating a genuine, luxurious leather aroma.

Leather Aroma Gel

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Infuse the smell of leather into your home, car or shop.


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About the product

  • Fills a room with the traditional smell of leather.

  • Eliminates smelly odors.

  • Lasts up to six months.

  • Specialist material within the gel slowly releases the aroma.

  • Solid gel means it will not spill.

Place in a suitable area and remove lid.


Place on a table or windowsill for a luxurious long lasting fragrance in the home.


Place in a cup holder or secure to the dashboard or under a seat for that leather smell every time you get into your car. 


Place it near the entrance of your Leather Goods Shop so your customers instantly associate your goods with high quality leather.

Suitable For:

Leather Aroma Gel will infuse any space with the luxurious smell of new leather. It is great for use in:

Cars & Vehicles


Commercial Premises

Coverage & Shelf Life:

A 150ml tub is enough product to keep an average size room smelling like leather for around 6 months! Or even longer in a car!


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