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How to Clean Leather

Pictorial Guide – Step-by-Step Guide to Leather Cleaning

It’s a question for the ages: what’s the best way to clean leather? Many products have tried, and failed, over the years to be the complete answer to that question. At Furniture Clinic, we know that cleaning leather involves more than just a high-quality product, it involves strategic application.

Today, we’re proud to offer both products and solutions, and our mission is to share our expertise with you – our valued customers. So, let’s review the steps to effectively clean leather together.

How To Clean Leather - Leather Cleaner

Step 1. Find Your Leather Ultra Clean

The star of this leather cleaning show is Leather Ultra Clean: our specialty product designed to thoroughly clean all items of leather. If you already own Leather Ultra Clean, proceed to step two. If you don’t own Leather Ultra Clean, we highly recommend purchasing it — it’s crucial to move to step two only if you have a cleaning product suitable for leather.

How to clean leather guide 2 - Applying Leather Cleaner

Step 2. Apply the Cleaning Formula

Spray some of your Leather Ultra Clean onto a sponge, and gently agitate it to create foam. With your foam-covered sponge, apply the product to the leather in a circular motion. As the dirt comes to the surface, the foam will absorb it. After applying the foam, carefully wipe it away with a cloth.

How to clean leather guide 3 - Clean Leather

Step 3. Protect and Condition

The final step is perhaps the most important one. Adequate leather care involves more than cleaning up spills and stains, it should involve effort to protect the leather from damages that could occur in the future.

To achieve the best in leather protection, use our Leather Protection Cream, designed to create a protective barrier for your most delicate leather surfaces. When you use the Leather Protection Cream, a barrier will form to hold dirt and potential stains on the surface of the leather, making the surface much easier to clean and care for. It will protect leather from food, drink and ink stains. We recommend applying the Protection Cream every three months — it should be used in conjunction with the Ultra Clean each time as well.

Clean Leather - The Results

Cleaned Leather - Leather Ultra Clean

This photo shows a car interior where we have cleaned parts of the seat.


This sofa was very dirty and hard to clean. So to make cleaning leather easier, we used the Tampico Brush to work the dirt out of the grain.

How to clean leather - Example Image 2

This photo shows an off white leather couch cushion with ingrained dirt and grime.


The leather has been cleaned along the stitch lines to show the effectiveness of the leather cleaner.


You can also see that as leather gets dirty, it can become slightly shiny. Giving the leather a good clean removes the shine and the dirt.

Leather Cleaning - Example image 3

This ivory color car seat has been cleaned on the left hand side.


Again, you can see that the dirty leather on the right is shiny. Giving the leather a thorough clean removes the dirt and removes the dirty shine.


If leather your is naturally shiny the cleaner will not remove the shine, it will restore it to its natural state.


It is an excellent car leather cleaner!


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