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How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

The moment ink strikes a leather surface, chaos erupts and questions start flying. What product should I use? Will I ever get the stain out? After all, ink's a formidable challenger, and leather is nothing if not delicate.

Fortunately, at Furniture Clinic, we’re used to swooping in and saving the day for leather. All our leather stain removal products act as the kryptonite to our foes. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use them to take down ink stains once and for all.

Preparing for Your Ink Removal Battle

No superhero is complete without a sidekick, and our trusted partner in this battle is our Leather Ink Remover Kit. As a specialist kit designed for safe ink removal, this product adds the expertise to the operation.

Pictorial Guide – Steps to Remove Ink Stains from Leather

How To Remove Ink From Leather - Leather Ink Remover Kit
To remove the ink stain you will need the leather ink remover kit.

It is also advisable to clean the area first using a leather cleaner. This is because cleaning with a normal cleaner removes any surface residues of ink and so you'll use less ink remover, and also, sometimes a normal leather cleaner is all that is needed. If you do not have a cleaner, use the leather ultra clean.

How To Remove Ink From Leather - Pen on Leather

Step 1. Clean the Area

The first step in efficient ink stain removal is to clean the targeted area. Our goal is to leave the leather looking even better than it did pre-stain, and we don’t want dirt or grime to get in the way of a perfect repair job. It’s important to use a cleaner that’s designed for leather, like our Leather Ultra Clean.

Applying the ink remover to leather sofa

Step 2. Apply Leather Ink Remover

After we clean, it’s time to call upon our trusted sidekick. Apply some of our Leather Ink Remover to a cotton swab, and gently dab the ink to lift the stain. Depending on the stubbornness of the stain, it may require additional pressure or aggressive rubbing to completely remove it, but always start off gently and then get more aggressive. Fortunately, our Leather Ink Remover is no stranger to tough battles.

Ink stain removed from leather

Step 3. Remove the Residue “Cloud„

Your leather is looking good – not to mention, clean! – but we still have one more step to knock down our ink opponent. Apply some of the ink remover to a sponge, and gently wipe down the leather to remove any remaining residue. Lastly, apply the leather protection cream to stop future ink stains.


Ink stain removed from leather

Step 4. Use Our Leather Ultra Clean and Protection Cream

Finally, use Leather Ultra Clean to remove any excess ink from the surface of the leather, and apply Leather Protection Cream to help prevent future stains.

In addition to its UV inhibitors that prevent sun fading, there are two big benefits to using our Leather Protection Cream:

Creates an Invisible Barrier: This product coats leather with a barrier – similar to Scotchgard™ – that protects the material from absorbing any dirt, grease, oils or ink. It also makes the leather easier to clean and care for in the long run – you’ll be able to simply wipe the leather with a damp cloth to clean it after applying the cream.

Reduces Friction: With leather furniture, the friction created when you sit on it causes the coating to slowly wear away over time. When you use the Leather Protection Cream, the friction is reduced, so it can extend the life of your leather furniture.

Advantages of Protecting Leather

Applying the leather protection cream to leather after cleaning it is highly recommended for the following reasons;

1. The protection cream coats the leather with an invisible barrier (like scotchgard), which prevents the leather from absorbing dirt, grease & oils. Not only does this protect the leather by stopping these materials damaging the finish, but it also makes the leather easier to clean. After applying the protection cream to leather, it will wipe clean with a damp cloth since the dirt just sits on the barrier. The same applies for stains - easily removed with the ultra clean.

2. This barrier also reduces friction caused as you use the leather. Dirt and grime, combined with daily use slowly wear away the coatings on leather. The protection cream takes away this friction and so will help prolong the life of your leather.

3. Containing UV inhibitors the protection cream also helps prevent sun fading.

Maintaining Leather & Recommended Products

Problem Solver Bundle: This bundle allows you to purchase one set of products geared toward fixing whatever specific problem you’re dealing with, whether it’s hair oils, fading, cracking or ink stains.

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