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The Four Seasons Leather Care Plan

Taking Care of Your Leather, All Year Round

From day one, leather should be conditioned and protected; it should be the first thing you do upon receiving your furniture, auto interior or any other item of leather. To help make your leather last longer and to engance its natural beauty, we have created the four seasons leather care plan. The aim of the leather care plan is to remind you to clean and protect your leather four times every year at the start of each season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In doing this you will increase the life of your leather and reduce or remove the effect of damage through stains, wear and teat and fading from either sunshine or other heat sources.

Clean and Protect Your Leather at the Start of Each Season

Upon receiving your leather item, the first thing you need to do is to wipe the leather down with a gentle leather cleaner and then protect the leather with an appropriate protectant. It is important to do this from the first day as the minute you start using your leather it needs to be protected - you would pay to have your fabric upholstery protected, why not leather?

Repeat the Same Procedure at the Start of Each Season

To maintain your leather, we recommend that you use our Leather Care Kit, which includes our Leather Ultra Clean, Leather Protection Cream and Sponge and Cloth Applicators. The benefits of using this kit are:

  • Cleans - it safely cleans leather close to a "new" condition. Not only that, after applying the Leather Protection Cream, any stains will be held on the invisible barrier without penetrating the leather and can be simply wiped off using the Leather Ultra Clean. This means that any dirt or stain will not be absorbed into the leather itself.
  • Conditions - it will feed the leather with natural oils which will prevent it from cracking and becoming too dry.
  • Repel Stains - the added barrier protection in the cream allows the leather to repel oil and water-based stains, retaining them on the surface of the leather so that they can be wiped clean with minimal effort.
  • Protects - as well as protecting from stains, the Leather Protection Cream provides an invisible barrier on top of the leather that protects from the elements and human contact. When you sit on leather, it creates friction that will wear away at the leather's coating and can cause the leather to look rough and faded. The color can also start to peel and flake over an extended period of time. The product absorbs all fraction and stops these factors from damaging your leather.

It Even Smells Like Leather and Will Infuse That Luxurious Aroma Into Your Leather

The reason this product is ideal for most modern leather is that the majority of leather furniture and almost all auto interiors have a pigmented finish. This means that the leather is initially painted and then sealed with a top coat lacquer. It is not possible to feed the leather in the same way as most natural, or aniline, leathers as you are unable to breach the surface. This means that the oils and waxes will be unable to soak into the leather. For leathers with a pigmented finish, it is rarely the leather that is drying and cracking but is actually the pigment on the surface.

As a result, there is little benefit in using a leather conditioner on such products as it is unable to penetrate. Instead, you need a product that protects the pigmented finish. The Leather Protection Crean provides a layer of protection to your leather that will leave it looking soft, supple and new for longer than you ever thought possible.