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Furniture Clinic FabriCoat Upholstery Kit Leather Care Kit
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Product description: The FabriCoat upholstery kit contains all of the products required for anyone to completely change the color of, or restore the color to, fabric upholstery. Whether you need to give a new lease of life to the fabric upholstery in your car interior or change the color of your fabric sofa, this kit contains everything you need for professional results!

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit

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Combining the advantages of Fabric Dye and Fabric Spray Paint into one, simple solution.

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Kit Size

Kit Contents


  • 500ml FabriCoat

  • 250ml Penetrating Solution

  • 250ml Fabric Cleaner

  • 250ml Fabric Protector

  • 2 x FabriCoat Sprayer

  • Terry Towels

  • 2 x Nitrile Gloves

  • 1 x Tampico Brush

  • Instructions

A small kit will cover anything up to the size of a car seat or small armchair including handbags, clothes or shoes!

  • 1 Litre FabriCoat

  • 500ml Penetrating Solution

  • 500ml Fabric Cleaner

  • 500ml Fabric Protector

  • 3 x FabriCoat Sprayer

  • Terry Towels

  • 2 x Nitrile Gloves

  • 1 x Tampico Brush

  • Instructions

A medium sized kit will restore anything up to the size of a 2 seater sofa!

  • 1.5 Litres FabriCoat

  • 750ml Penetrating Solution

  • 500ml Fabric Cleaner

  • 500ml Fabric Protector

  • 6 x FabriCoat Sprayer

  • Terry Towels

  • 2 x Nitrile Gloves

  • 1 x Tampico Brush

  • Instructions

A large kit is enough to completely transform approximately 5 car seats or a large 3 seater sofa!

Extra Large 
  • 2 x 1 Litre FabriCoat

  • 1 Litre Penetrating Solution

  • 1 Litre Fabric Cleaner

  • 1 Litre Fabric Protector

  • 8 x FabriCoat Sprayer

  • Terry Towels

  • 2 x Nitrile Gloves

  • 1 x Tampico Brush

  • Instructions

An extra large sized kit contains enough product to restore a full car interior or three piece suite!

About the product

A Kit Designed for Restoring Color to Any Fabric Item

If you’ve ever tried to dye fabric before, you know that it can be quite a challenging process. At Furniture Clinic, our team developed our Fabric Upholstery Kit because we had experienced the time-consuming, barely-effective fabric dyes products that existed on the market.

So, we hit the drawing board, and brought our ideas to the lab for testing. Today, our end result is the Fabric Upholstery Kit – our brand new product that helps you change or restore the color of furniture, car interiors, or any other fabric item.

What You Can Expect from Our Fabric Upholstery Kit

There are plenty of contents in the Fabric Upholstery Kit, but two products are the stars of the show:

  • FabriCoat – a spray-on color system that provides a highly-effective fabric coloring solution
  • Penetrating Solution – FabriCoat’s partner in crime: used to soften the fabric finish

When our two leading characters join together on stage, the result is excellent coverage and a brand new look and feel to your fabric. Compatible for use on furniture, and in car interiors, there are unlimited venues for the most innovative fabric dye performance available today.

How does it work?

FabriCoat is a highly effective two part color solution. Using an effective and convenient spray on system, the kit completely eliminates the time and mess associated with traditional fabric dyes.

Simply transfer your color mix into the bottle provided, screw it onto the sprayer and away you go!

The FabriCoat included in the kit, when mixed with the Penetrating Solution in the desired concentration, provides excellent coverage while preserving the look and feel of the fabric. It essentially takes all of the advantages of a fabric dye, while providing instant, satsifying results! 


The photo (above) is an ivory fabric we have changed to pink, showing how the product has soaked in without changing the look or feel - you can still see the weave perfectly.

Scrap the Traditional Way: Try the Innovative One

At Furniture Clinic, we believe that you should never settle for a product that almost gets the job done. We also believe that the product should be designed for quick and effective use, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time and effort applying it.

With the Fabric Upholstery Kit, we focused on the quality of the products, as well as the ease-of-use for application. What’s an easier application method than spraying straight from a bottle?

So, sit back, relax, and spray away, because it’s time for the world of fabric to experience the modern approach to fabric dye.

Try It Out Today: Buy Our Fabric Upholstery Kit Online

Just as the application for this product is super easy, so is the process to receive it! Our online store offers quick purchase and shipping options, and our team of experts are always available to answer questions and provide more information.

Your Fabric Upholstery Kit is in your reach – take the final step to fabric innovation and buy online today!

Suitable For:

Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and FurnitureCar Seat or InteriorHandbagShoes, Boots or FootwearJackets or Clothing

This kit can be used to transform the color of many items around your home such as furniture & upholstery, car interiors, footwear, handbags & accessories or clothing. It is highly effective at restoring or changing the color of:


Coverage & Shelf Life:

The FabriCoat Upholstery Kit is available in four sizes;

 Small Kit - Will cover anything up to the size of a car seat or small armchair including handbags, clothes or shoes!

 Medium Kit -  Will restore anything up to the size of a 2 seater sofa!

 Large Kit - Will do 5 car seats or a large 3 seater sofa!

 Extra Large Kit - Will restore a full car interior or three piece suite!

The kit doesn't have a shelf life. However, the longer it sits on the shelf, the more thoroughly the products will need to be shaken before use.

Before & After Photos


The FabriCoat Upholstery Kit was used to quickly turn this cream fabric chair into a fantastic deep blue, what a transformation!


This customer used FabriCoat to color the carpets and fabric in his old old Jaguar Daimler Saloon Mk2, in addition to our Leather Colorant Kit and Leather Repair Kit to restore the leather upholstery. The transformation of the interior from the battered and worn old brown, to a stunning red, is truly amazing!


FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 1, Fabric Cleaning

Step 1.

Make sure the material is clean and free of dust. If cleaning is required simply spray on the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter until the surface appears wet, agitate well with a tampico brush and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. After allowing to dwell, take a lint free cloth and firmly wipe the area down, this will draw the dirt out of the fabric. Repeat this process untill you no longer see dirt being transferred onto the cloth. After cleaning you should leave the item to dry thoroughly.

When changing the color of an item, it is important to note that you should only use this kit to change to a darker color. The material must also be absorbent, it is unlikely that the FabriCoat will properly adhere to a non-absorbent fabric.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 2, Prepare Fabric Dye Mix

Step 2.

Thin the FabriCoat down with Penetrating Solution using the bucket provided, this will help penetration into stubborn fibres. For example, you should be mixing 250ml of Fabricoat with 125ml of Penetrating Solution, 500ml of FabriCoat should be mixed with 250ml of Penetrating Solution and so on... This ratio can be altered as desired in order to acheive a thinner or thicker mixture depending on the kind of coverage or effects you wish to achieve.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 3, attach feed tube to FabriCoat Sprayer

Step 3.

Attach the feed tube to the bottom of the FabriCoat Sprayer, by firmly pushing the end without the plastic fixture into the bottom of the sprayer as shown.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 4, Dispense FabriCoat Fabric Dye Mix and Attach to Sprayer

Step 4.

Pour the FabriCoat into the plastic bottle provided and screw this onto the bottom of the FabriCoat Sprayer until secure. Please ensure that the bottle is properly secured, while taking care not to over-tighten as this can cause the bottle to become loose.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 5, Spray FabriCoat directly onto surface to be coloured, like Fabric Paint.

Step 5.

Simply press down on the head of the Sprayer in order to begin applying color to your item. For best results spray the FabriCoat onto the item using straight regular strokes, moving from one end of the panel being covered, to the other.

Once an initial coat has been applied this step should be repeated from different directions in order to ensure proper surface coverage. If at any point the FabriCoat in the bottle you are using, or the propellant in the can, runs out, simply unscrew it, refill the bottle and re-attach, or simply attach a new sprayer as required (dont forget to attach the feed tube!).

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 6, Wipe Down and Leave Coloured Fabric to Dry

Step 6.

When the desired depth of color and coverage has been achieved leave it to dry, this can typically take between 4 and 8 hours depending on saturation/volume of FabriCoat applied and the ambient temperature in the drying environment.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 7, Apply Fabric Protector to seal in colour and prevent fading & staining.

Step 7.

When dry, apply the Fabric Protector liberally to the entire surface of the item, spraying until the surface appears wet, and leave for 24 hours to dry before use. This will repel all water and oil based staining while the UV inhibitors in the formula work to prevent the color from fading in direct sunlight.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit

Car Color Charts

Select a car manufacturer to view the colors we have previously matched.

Color Chart

The FabriCoat Upholstery Kit is available in;

  • 72 popular colors that match our range of Leather Colorants.

  • 16 base colors that can be mixed together to achieve any color you need.

  • Any color from any of our color charts online; leather or fabric.

  • Literally any custom color you require; just send us a piece of material to match to!

Standard 16 - For Color Mixing

Black HCBlack HC
Blue LCBlue LC
Yellow LCYellow LC
Red LCRed LC
Yellow HCYellow HC
Blue HCBlue HC
Yellow OxideYellow Oxide
Red HCRed HC
Black LCBlack LC
Red OxideRed Oxide

Color Matching

We use an advanced color control machine to maintain and monitor our colors with a database of over 10,000 individual colors stored. This allows us to make virtually any color or shade that you want! If you want an exact color match send us a sample of material and we'll match it for you.


Clay (B01)

Beige (B02)

Tanned Beige (B03)

Dark Beige (B04)


Pale Blue (BL01)

Baby Blue (BL02)

Tahiti Blue (BL03)

Turquoise (BL04)

Sea Blue (BL05)

Blue (BL06)

Royal Blue (BL07)

Navy Blue (BL08)

Bright Colors

Lime Green (GRN09)

Orange (ORN01)

Pink (P01)

Fuchsia (P02)

Purple (PUR01)

Yellow (YEL01)


Light Brown (BR01)

Light Tan (BR02)

London Tan (BR03)

Medium Brown (BR04)

Rosewood (BR05)

Chocolate (BR06)

Dark Brown (BR07)

Dk Dk Brown (BR08)

Creams, Ivory & Light Colors

Ivory (CR01)

Light Cream (CR02)

Rose Cream (CR03)

Peach Cream (CR04)

Canvas (CR05)

Sheepskin (CR06)

Cashew (CR07)

Stone (CR08)

Seashell (CR09)

Sand (CR10)

Buttermilk (CR11)

Cream (CR12)

Golden Cream (CR13)

Desert (CR14)

Biscuit (CR15)

Mustard (CR16)


Pale Green (GRN01)

Bright Green (GRN02)

Jade (GRN03)

Mint (GRN04)

Mid Green (GRN05)

Moss (GRN06)

Dark Green (GRN07)

Forest Green (GRN08)


Pale Grey (GRY01)

Light Grey (GRY02)

Steel (GRY03)

Smoke (GRY04)

Grey (GRY05)

Slate (GRY06)

Granite (GRY07)

Dark Grey (GRY08)


Salmon (R01)

Rose Beige (R02)

Rose (R03)

Bright Red (R04)

Red (R05)

Deep Red (R06)

Maroon (R07)

Dark Red (R08)

Grape (R09)

Bordeaux (R10)

Dark Burgundy (R11)

Deep Purple (R12)

Standard Colors

Black (BLK01)

White (WH01)


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