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The Furniture Clinic Blog

The Furniture Clinic Blog

Keep Your Leather Car Interior Cool

How to Keep Your Leather Car Interior Cool

Restore Your Convertible Roof

How to restore color to your convertible car roof!

4th of July: How to Remove Punch Stains from Fabric

How to Effectively Remove Punch Stains

How to Maintain Your Wooden Baseball Bat

Our tips on how to maintain your baseball bat!

Our Tips for Effective Red Wine Stain Removal

How to Effectively Remove Red Wine Stains

Restore Color to your Outdoor Fabric Furniture

Tips on how to re-color fabric furniture

Summer Series: How to Remove Paint from Clothing

How to Remove Paint from Clothing

Memorial Day Series: Grease & Oil Stain Removal

How to Protect Your Leather From Oils & Grease

Spring Series: How to Protect Leather from Sun Damage

Our Tips for Protection and Repair

How to Protect Your Wooden Table

Steps to Protect Wooden Tables

How to Restore and Care for Leather on a Boat

Tips to Maintain Your Boat Leather

How to Remove Five Common Fabric Stains

How to Remove Common Fabric Stains

How to Determine the Absorbency of Leather

Our Water Test Solution!

How to Paint on Leather Furniture

Take Your Art to a New Level!

Introducing Leather Protection Cream with Silver

Furniture Clinic have released a new innovative leather product with antimicrobial properties

Spring Series: How to Clean Your Leather Baseball Glove

Learn Our Tips and Tricks Just in Time for Opening Day!

The Four Seasons Leather Care Plan

How To Care For Your Leather

Spring Series: How to Clean a Leather Car Seat

Learn Our Tips to Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

March 8, 2017

Introducing the Furniture Clinic Blog