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Furniture Clinic Antique Finish Kit Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A unique kit designed to spray the antique finish back onto leather when the top coat wears off, exposing a brighter color beneath.

Antique Finish Kit

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Specially formulated colors to re-apply the color to worn antique and rub off style leathers - the most popular being the Chesterfield sofa.

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Each kit comes with the following;

  • Alcohol Cleaner: To prepare the leather for color.

  • Top Coat Color: Choose from the list of colors for the right color to re-apply the finish.

  • Leather Finish: A professional finish to seal the color in.

  • Airbursh & Gas Can: Used to spray the color and finish onto the leather.

  • Cloth: Used to apply the protection cream and buff over in between coats of color and finish.

  • Instructions: Detailed guide to help you get the best results possible.

About the product

No color matching is required as we manufacture the colors that are first used on many 'rub' off leathers. There are only a limited range of colors used all of which we have in stock.

The antique finish kit has been designed as a simple to use and very effective kit for re-applying the top coat color to 'rub' off leathers. Rub off leathers are leathers where there is a top coat of color applied, normally a very dark color such as a deep red, green, blue or brown. This color is designed to actually rub off as the leather ages. This often gets out of hand and customers are left with very light patches that can look terrible.

This is extremely common with Chesterfields and old Antique style sofas.

How it works: Rub off leathers are made by the leather being dyed and then finished with leather paints. This is known as the base color and is usually a bright color such as, red, green, blue, tan and brown. A strong lacquer is then applied to seal the color in. A second coat is then sprayed on top of the lacquer. This coat is a very dark version of the base coat, like a deep red (oxblood) or deep green.....this color is almost black.

The color is sprayed onto the leather in order for it to allow the base color to show through creating an aged look. Normally the buttoned areas and edges are sprayed much darker than the other areas.

The problem occurs a few years down the line, when with use, the dark top coat color starts to wear away exposing the bright base color beneath. This creates patches of bright color making the leather look very patchy and odd. It is simply fixed by spraying the top coat color back onto the leather.

Red Rub Off Leather Green Rub Off Leather Blue Rub Off Leather Brown Rub Off Leather Tan Rub Off Leather
Red Green Blue Brown Tan

This item is made to order and is considered a customized product.

Suitable For:

Leather Sofa, chairs, seats or furniture

The Antique Finish Kit can be used to change or restore the color of leather furniture that have a 'rub-off' or two-tone appearance, such as chesterfield furniture, providing top coat color to recreat that iconic antique effect.

 Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Coverage & Shelf Life:

The Antique Finish Kit comes in two different sizes:

Small Kit - Suitable for touching up small items such as a single armchair.

Large Kit - Sufficient for covering an entire three piece suite.

Before & After Photos


The colour used to restore this chesterfield arm chair was top coat colour red, and it was sprayed on in the correct pattern to give an aged antique look.


In the photos above, we have used the antique finish kit to repair one small area of a rub off leather. The colour used was red.


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